#Blogtober~ Embarrassing Confession

Good Morning Everyone, 

This is kind of a bittersweet confession day because Kathy is no longer holding the Confessions Linkup. :( Very sad panda. 

However today is a Blogtober day and the prompt is Most Embarrassing Moment. 

So this is still a confession post because I don't think I have ever talked about this one on the blog. It isn't really my "Most Embarrassing" as I don't really have a moment in my life that I am really super embarrassed about....I do all sorts of ridiculous stuff so honestly picking one at random seemed like the best option! 

So here is my embarrassing story.

Robert and I went to Jamaica for his 25th birthday. It was a special trip because of course it was his birthday but it was also the first time he had ever been on a plane or left the country. We were both really excited about going and once we got there we discovered a paradise. The whole trip was amazing. Our hotel was AWESOME because we got an upgrade because the original one that we booked was full. So we ended up at a much nicer hotel and resort. All in all things were going wonderful. 

Part of what the All inclusive hotels offer is day trips. Basically you pay a little extra and get to take a day trip to part of the island. We were doing a trip to see some crocodiles, then go see a huge 700ft waterfall, and then head to Appleton to see how rum was made. 

The crocs were fun...if slightly scary. Robert shook one's hand. I wasn't having any of that...I just took the picture.

Then it was to the waterfall. 

It was really beautiful there and we had about two hours that we were allowed to wander around and take photos and even swim if you wanted. 

There was also zip lining. 

Did I mention that one of the things Robert MOST WANTED to do was zip line? 

Yeah, he wanted to do that but all the day trips for that were super expensive. However at this particular waterfall you could do it for just 30 bucks a person. He gave me the smile he knew I couldn't refuse...even though I hate heights. This is proof how much I love him. 

So we strap in and climb up these crazy stairs so that we can zip line around the falls. The last zip line is right over the waterfall. That is 700ft up in the air people. 

They tell us that once you push off you are going to go over the falls and then you need to start using your hand to brake. At the end of the line is a HUGE tree with a little cushion wrapped around it...you gotta brake or else guess what? You are going to hit the tree...and the cushion is LITTLE. 

Robert goes down without a hitch. 

Then it is my turn. I push off....I'm zipping....I panic...I brake. 

I stop. 

I stop just at the end of the falls, hovering in mid air above all the people that are visiting the swimming area. 

Did I mention I was in a skirt? Oh I didn't? Well I was. 

People laughed and pointed. I basically just died.

Oh and do you know what they do when you get stuck out there? Well you are supposed to turn yourself around and pull yourself in using your arm strength. 

There are two problems:
1) I am way to embarrassed to do this...
2) Arm strength?? Are you kidding? 

So if you can't pull yourself in you know what happens? Some lithe little Jamaican man has to come out there and hitch his line to yours and PULL YOU IN. 

Let me just be clear. During this vacation I was probably the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I hate the pictures from this vacation with a passion because well...I hate the way I look. So you can imagine how horrified I was to have to have this skinny yet EXTREMELY muscular guy having to haul my butt (and his own tiny one) in from the zip line.

So yeah...there you have it. My embarrassing confession. I hope you learned a few things: 

1) Don't zip line in a skirt.
2) Don't panic and brake too early. 
3) Jamaican zip line guides are like SUPER strong. 

Have a great Wednesday Everyone. 


  1. OMG hahahah! i'm so sorry for laughing but hahahahaha! it happens to the best of us. when i was a teen, i was climbing a fence and when i jumped down, i was suddenly shortsless. as in the hem of my shorts got caught on the fence and TORE MY SHORTS RIGHT OFF so i was standing there in my underwear.

  2. WOw! Cool croc picture! And as for your embarrassing story that does stink! But at least you can look back on it and laugh :)

  3. I am absolutely not ever zip-lining after reading this. I think I would do the same thing!

  4. Oh my gosh! Ha! I'll keep this in mind if I go zip-lining.


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