#Blogtober~ Fall Bucket List

Good Morning Lovelies, 

We are back at it again with the Fall Bucket List! (Look at my creativity!! I made a FANCY List!) 

I kept it pretty simple because we tend to get busy this time of year and honestly some of the things I saw on other bucket lists were just....not us. Apple picking? Pumpkin Patch? Corn Maze? Eh...no. I live near two apple orchards and farms and stuff like that and honestly they just aren't that exciting to me anymore after growing up here, plus Kyra is too little to really enjoy that stuff and I don't feel like chasing her around a corn maze. I know...I'm just no fun.  Also corn mazes kind of freak me out and I worry a scarecrow might get me, I have a phobia.

 Happy Sunday Everyone!!


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