#Blogtober~ Beginner Blogger MISTAKES

Good Morning Everyone,

So today's prompt is to write down 10 things you would tell yourself when you started blogging. Now I am going to be really honest here....I am not a professional blogger. Seriously I make NO money at this, it is something I do for fun and while I do wish I made money I still have no clue as to how to go about that part of blogging. So if you were hoping for some amazing tips on how to be a pro blogging goddess...well you might wanna move along....

However I can give some tips on how to keep your sanity while blogging and all of these things I have learned from personal experience and they are things I know beginning bloggers are guilty of....

1. Don't Compare yourself to other blogs too often. Comparison will be the DEATH of you. 
2. Never Copy another blog outright, ALWAYS give Credit

3. Don't forget to get out there and COMMENT on other blogs!
4. Don't forget RESPOND to comments on your own blog! 

5. Don't worry too much about being popular. Some people will like you, some people won't. (Leo knows...)
6. You do not have to follow every blogger just because they are considered "popular" 

7. Consistency is KEY. 
8. Don't be afraid to be yourself. The best posts reveal just who we are behind the keyboard. 
9. Don't be afraid to throw in some Gifs, Memes, and PICTURES. People do come here to read but they like a little fluff thrown in too....Plus it makes it look pretty while still adding content! 

10. Don't worry if some days it is hard to find the words. It's okay, it happens to EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER. 

There you have it, if you wanna get in on the #Blogtober fun be sure to join the linkup!!! 


  1. i'm guilty of not responding (via email) to comments but instead, i just go to their blog and leave a comment too...that's better, right??..

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I agree trying not to compare is really important......not all of us have professional photographs snapping pictures for us......sometimes we have to beg significant others hahahaha. Thanks for linking up on Friday!


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