Confessions: It's October!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Wednesday!!!

Vodka and Soda

...I confess that I am really glad it is October because September was a little rough for me. It had some really awesome moments but I felt like  I spent a good portion of it pretending to be happy instead of actually being happy. Not sure what was going on but with the starting of this new month I feel like things are looking up again.

...I confess that I'm thinking of starting to corset train again. All these trips to Ren Fest have made me really miss the tiny waist I can get with just a couple weeks of wearing my corset. Plus I don't find it restrictive but actually really supportive for my back and makes me look super hot.

...I confess that October is my most favorite month of the year. The weather is awesome and of course HALLOWEEN!!!

...I confess that after walking around Ren Fest and looking at all the vendors and how much they were charging for things I feel pretty certain I could do some awesome works of my own. Namely the Steampunk stuff and the clothing. I think it is time to break out the sewing machine....

...I confess that over the weekend I had yet another wardrobe malfunction, and again it was my stupid bra. Another busted under wire....I think I need to go bra shopping...but bras are SO EXPENSIVE. 

...I confess I straight up did a happy dance when the hubs found a lipstick that I have been searching for for months in his bag. Lippy I've missed you!!! 

...I confess that during my girly movie afternoon on Monday I was watching Bride Wars and saw Chris Pratt! Totally forgot he was even in that movie!!! 

He is a super cutie...and in Guardians he is a super hottie! 
Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy | ''I had lost the weight for Moneyball and for Zero Dark Thirty all on my own, without the help of any...

That's it for me, Have a great day everyone and Happy October!


  1. OMG chris pratt WAS in bride wars!!!!! i totally forgot about that!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. Holy crap, I second Kathy's comment - Chris Pratt! Totally forgot about him in Bride Wars! Ahhhh I feel like I need to go see Guardians again this weekend, just to look at him.... love love love.


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