Confessions~ Clueless Edition

Good Morning Everyone!

Let's Confess....

Vodka and Soda

I confess that I have written this post twice and Blogger has deleted it both times (or not saved or whatever)

I confess that lately I've been a bit distracted. (How is it already Wednesday??)

I confess that I've been a bit stressed out as well.

I confess that part of that stress is due to the fact that my weight loss has stalled out (stress eater)  

I confess that I have never wanted to go out and spend money as badly as I do now that I put a hold on all non essential spending for the month. (I miss you Target...)

I confess that when people judge me for enjoying the little 90s comeback that is happening in fashion and music I just gotta roll my eyes.

 And when they tell me they never did any of that 90s stuff or liked the music....

 I confess my friends and I legit knew this handshake in school and did it ALL THE TIME.

I confess that even though it took forever to get this post up it was probably one of the most enjoyable posts to search for gifs for! I know you all love a good gif!

Have a great Wednesday Lovelies, I'm Audi!


  1. I love 90s gear - combat boots and plaid shirts, yes yes yes. High waisted jeans, no. LOL


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