Friday Favorites 10/3

Good Morning Everyone,

It's time for the Friday Favorites!

....Fashion Favorites.....
I am so in love with this coat and the whole look in general...however the link leads to nowhere :( Someone find it please?
Ootd fall
This would pretty much be my fall staple outfit if I had the boots...I need the boots!

....Beauty Favorites....
Step by step, how to get that smokey eye with a pop of color. Experiment by changing the green to purple!
Love this little pop of color and of course the winged liner.

I ransacked my CVS looking for these beauties because I HAD TO HAVE THEM. Maybelline Soft Matte Lipsticks: Left is Touch of Spice and Right is Lust for Blush. Lust for Blush will look good on ANY skin tone is is legit hard as anything to find! If you see it GRAB IT.

.....Favorite Recipes....
A copycat recipe of texas roadhouse rolls. #lmldfood
Texas Roadhouse rolls. My husband is so eager for me to make this this weekend!

.....Nerdy Girl Favorites....
BRILLIANT Sherlock mug. I will happily wait until it comes back in stock in September to have this beauty in my cubbard.
I NEED this mug in my life!!!!
This is cake. Seriously some people are so talented....

Nerdy gingerbread Weasley house.. though not literally held up by magic.. @Carrie Wagler
And this is gingerbread. It's the Burrow for those that don't immediately recognize it. 
(From Harry Potter)

.....Favorite Funnies....
......And Finally The Song of the Week.... I LOVE this cover by Walk Off The Earth! 

Have a Great Weekend Everyone! I will have a post up tomorrow if you feel like stopping by for some more #Blogtober!


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