Friday Favorites~#Blogtober14~ Things I am an Expert At....

Good Morning Everyone,

It's time for Friday Favorites!!! 

Today I am doing a different type of favorites and also continuing to follow along with my #Blogtober fun! However if you want to check out some Fall Fashion Favorites I did a whole post on them yesterday!

Today I am going to share with you Things I am an Expert At....aka things that are my favorite because I happen to be good at them. 

One~ Pinterest
I can pin with the best of them I tell ya! Seriously I start most sentences with "I saw this thing on Pinterest" or with "You know on Pinterest they said that you should...."  Yes I will admit it, I'm THAT girl. Whatever, I'm awesome at it. 

Two~ Movie Quotes
Not only can I quote most movies but I can tell you what movie a quote is from even when I just hear it in passing. Someone else can be having a conversation totally separate from mine and I will hear a quote and suddenly I am all ears and quoting the next line back to them. Again I am awesome. 

Three~ Song Lyrics
My expertise is not limited to movie quotes alone. Oh no. You see I can remember the lyrics to songs that you haven't heard in YEARS. Seriously I was watching a YouTube video the other day and she was playing 90s music and I knew all the words to all the songs. Not to mention I know all the words to most 80s songs and can tell you what year it hit the Billboard hits list and who sang it. I once won a bet with a guy at work who didn't think I could tell him who sang the song that was playing on the radio. I won lunch when I told him it was Quarterflash-Harden My Heart- 1982

Four~ Disney Trivia
Yes this probably goes along with songs and movie quotes but hear me out. I am UNBEATABLE at Disney Trivial Pursuit. one in my family will play with me anymore....(I know those movies backwards and joke) 

Five~ Reading
I am an avid reader. It is nothing to me to finish four or five books a week. All of them being well over 700 pages. Now it has slowed down a bit since I had Kyra but I still read as often as I possibly can. I am also a quick reader, I breeze through books faster than white girls sip PSL's. I love books and someday very soon I hope that I will finish writing mine and you all will be reading them! (Cheers to those doing NANOWRIMO next will be my THIRD TIME!!) 
Don't come between a girl and her book.

So there you have it folks, aren't you jealous of my wonderful abilities? Such talent! 

Happy Friday Lovelies, we will see you all back here tomorrow for more #Blogtober. Until then...enjoy the song of the week! (It's a 90s Throwback!) 


  1. I suck at song lyrics. But hey, atleast we've got books in common. I'm a fast reader myself too. But I usually stick to completing about 2 weeks a book or so. Oh and I'm so excited to NaNoWriMo this year. This will be my first time. I have no idea what to do next. Haha.
    Stopping by from #Blogtober14

  2. I'm pretty good at song and movie stuff but they have to be my favorites.

    I always think about NANOWRIMO but don't do it. Nothing will ever get written if I don't start.


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