#Blogtober~ I'm a Movie Star!

Good Morning Everyone,

Today's Prompt: Who'd play you in a movie?

Such fun! Honestly this is a tough question....I like a lot of actresses and when I try and think of who I would WANT to play me in a movie there are a few that come to mind....however when I sit down and pick just who I think it would be awesome to have play me, I'd pick.....


Jennifer Lawrence. 

She is so silly and fun in her interviews and her passion for food is matched by my own! I love that she is not afraid to be silly and ridiculous! Plus this is legit something I would say.....

So when I asked my husband who he would have play me, his answers were:

Scarlett Johansson


Kate Beckinsale circa Van Helsing

I think he was just trying to score brownie points with the Kate one....the Scarlett one was just because I think he thought if it were a movie about me he might get to meet her. *Insert Eye Roll* 


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