#Blogtober~ Very Superstitious

...Writing's on the Wall.....

Anyone else singing that song during today's post?? No? Just Me? Awesome. 

Here is the song if you wanna join the sing-a-long....I will be singing it for the next week I am sure....

Okay moving on...Today we are going to talk about Superstitions. 

I honestly don't have many...I try to not worry about those type things but I do have a few things....

1) I don't whistle after dark. This one is passed down from my mom. Apparently whistling at night (most specifically at the door like if you were calling the dogs in or something) invites evil into the house. 

2) If I ever spill the salt I always throw a pinch over my left shoulder. This one is to prevent bad luck I believe....I am actually not really sure but it is something I've done forever. 
(Quote is from Practical Magic. AWESOME MOVIE.)

3) I, as a general rule, avoid situations that have slightly "Horror Movie" circumstances. I am not going into the supposedly "haunted" asylum with you. I'm not going to go and walk around the woods in the dark. I am not going into the scary basement without a weapon. 

4) Ouija boards in general don't really bother me and I do own one that I used to have on display in my room because it is a really old version. However I don't own the pointer thing. As in it isn't in my house and I have no idea where it is and that is fine with me. It's a decor item and a toy (seriously it is made my Hasbro) but hey, why tempt fate?(And now they have the scary movie about it out so yeah..it can just stay packed because I have an over active imagination....)

5) I don't hang my limbs off the edge of the bed because clearly they will get eaten off. 

So there you have it, my superstitions. I am torn between wanting to read yours and not wanting to...I mean....what if I just end up adding more things to my list? Seriously...it's enough to make a girl paranoid! LOL! 

Have a great day everyone, join me back here tomorrow for more #Blogtober! 


  1. I'm 100% with you on the salt superstition!

  2. #3 is me to a t.

    I don't even watch commercials for scary movies. I don't need to invite evil in in any way.

    I never tell people what I've wished for, and I do do the salt thing.

  3. I've never heard of the whistling one, but (luckily?) I can't whistle, so I guess I'm safe! I definitely do teh salt one though, along with a whole lot of others. I actually didn't realize how superstitious I was until reading these lists!

  4. Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of the first one. But there are so many superstitions that involve or are about the devil - I think that's why people throw salt over the left shoulder, to throw it in the devils face?


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