#Blogtober~ Favorite Editing Tools

Good Morning Everyone,

Today we are going to talk about favorite editing tools for your blog/instagram.

I'm gonna be real honest here...I only really got into editing things recently and therefore don't have a whole lot to offer but for the beginners I do have some helpful tools that I like to use pretty regularly.

Honestly my first choice when it comes to editing/creating things is always going to be Publisher. That is what I learned on first and is my favorite when it comes to creating fliers and other creative type things and I do occasionally us it for the blog and for newsletters. I used it a lot more when I was working full time but it still works for little blog projects.

Second for the blog is PicMonkey. This is such an easy editing tool and is great for making quick images for any type of blog series you might be doing or if you wanna make any type of collage or edited photo thing for the blog or even Facebook! Very user friendly and if you do decide to upgrade you get TONS more options but if you are a cheapo like myself you can still get a lot done on the freebie version!

Now Instagram and I are new acquaintances but on the rare occasion that I do edit a photo on there I like to use SnapSeed. It is pretty user friendly and lets you have a lot of options when it comes to editing your photos. Also it is free which is super awesome!
Also for a more silly editing tool I like to use PhotoWonder. You can add cool effects and silly images to your photos for days when you aren't taking your selfies too seriously!

I cannot wait to see what editing tools you all use because honestly I'm pretty basic around here! Looking forward to finding more things to play with!


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