Good Morning Everyone, 

We are back with some more #Blogtober!

Today's Prompt: Biggest Fear

I do have a lot of little fears...June Bugs, Extreme Heights, Scarecrows.....

But my biggest fear? 

I fear that I am unremarkable. 

You see my parents are SUPER artistic. They are creative in everything they do....they can take any item you think is junk and turn it into something beautiful. 

My brother Bear is the same way. So artistic but also extremely talented when it comes to music. He taught himself to play the Cello in a weekend! He is also a very good judge of all things awesome and usually if it is something that I love or really enjoy he is the one that referred me to it. 

My brother D is just brilliant. He is so smart and he pushes himself to be smarter all the time. He does numbers in his head and figures out the solutions to very complicated problems. He is also an amazing video editor and knows when and how to get the perfect shot. 

My husband is also very creative as well as very smart. He is a problem solver at heart and he can figure out a solution to about anything. Also his doodles would be like masterpieces for me....

So you see....there is a lot of talent in my family.....and surely with all that talent in the family I got something???

Well I can write...that is the one thing I am good at, but honestly no one really takes a writer serious unless you have published something...

I am a good mom but like any mom out there can tell you....there are no awards for that. It is expected of you and a lot of the work you do goes unnoticed. 

So my big fear is that I will go through life a sort of unremarkable wallflower. If people mention me it will be to say that I was a "nice girl" and that will be it. I want to be more than that.

Whew this is a deep post for a Monday Morning! Grab your coffees and grab the week by the horns everyone....See you here tomorrow.  

find your greatness nike


  1. Your fear sounds like mine. I fear not having a positive influence on the world or making a mark that stands up when I die.

  2. The fact that you have an awesome blog means you are far from unremarkable! :)

  3. I don't think you need to publish to be a serious writer - you're either a serious writer or you're not. Talent doesn't need to be pointed out by others for it to be so.


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