Best. Vacation. Ever. #Blogtober14

Good Morning Everyone,

I am continuing Blogtober14 and today’s prompt is your Best/Worst Vacation.

Now I realize that it probably seems obvious to pick your honeymoon but hear me out. This was an AWESOME vacation. Mostly because half of it was a complete secret…. from me. 

Now I knew we were going on a honeymoon. We were going to spend a week in the Bahamas enjoying the beach and sun and lots of fruity drinks. That part was a given and it was what I had helped my husband plan so once that lovely week was over and we were sitting in the airport ready to board our plane back to Florida and our connecting flight home, I was being a bit of a brat. I hate the end of vacations and I was pouting because we would have to get back to life as normal once we got home. 

So we catch our flight and land in Orlando. I’m lugging my suitcase around and trying to get my cell phone to stop being stupid and let me call my parents already. My husband however is rushing me along to baggage claim and so I am slightly frazzled as we ride the escalator down. Then there is this strange guy standing there with a sign that has our name on it. He takes my Robert’s luggage and then starts to take mine. I give Robert a panicked and wide eyed look. He just laughs and says “go ahead babe let him take it. It’s fine.” But my stuff?! Who is this stranger?! 

Well said stranger leads us to an elevator and we get in with him, all the while I am looking at my new husband like he has taken crazy pills while he smiles like the cat that got the canary. The elevator opens to an underground road area and there is a HUGE black Cadillac Escalade. Super fancy looking and the stranger starts loading our stuff in it! Even Robert looks slightly surprised at the ride we are getting into but he gets in and motions for me to join. Still confused I hop in and start with the questions. What are we doing? What about our flight? Where are we going? What have you done?!?! He says nothing and keeps smiling as the driver (stranger) gets in and starts driving. I continue with the questions until Robert finally answers. 

“We’re going to the hotel.” 

“What hotel? I thought we were going home? Aren’t mom and dad going to pick us up this afternoon?” 

“No they know we are going to the hotel.” He says and smiles. “Everyone knew.” 

Then it hits me. We are staying in Orlando.

We are going to HARRY POTTER. 

Cue Massive Fangirl Overload. 

We get to the hotel and get the room key. 

Upon entering our room….

Robert was shocked. He had not planned for the room to look out so we could see Universal and HOGWARTS!!! 

He then told me that everyone in the wedding knew that he was going to surprise me. That he had been keeping the secret for months and months and now finally we were going to spend three days in Orlando and visit Universal Studio including of course 
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

That man knows me through and through. 

Best Vacation Ever. 



  1. Oh my gosh what an awesome surprise!!! I love how shocked you were! SO fun!

  2. Ohhh wooow now that is a great husband you got there. Def would call this the best vacation ever, if it had happen to me. Luck you.
    So what did you like best about the Wizarding World ? :) And what do you get as a reminder to bring back home?
    Luchessa @ Wizarding World

  3. What a great surprise!!! I LOVED Harry Potter World in Orlando. It made the whole trip worth while! What I would give for a frozen butterbeer right now!


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