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Good Morning Everyone,


So I have decided that I need a good kick in the pants when it comes to blogging. I need to work on commenting, replying, and most of all....writing! I've decided to join the linkup for #Blogtober which I found via Kenzie! I think it will be good practice for next month's upcoming write-a-thon known as NANOWRIMO, which I will again be participating in this year. 

So basically the goal is to write a blog post every day for the month of October and the ladies have even give out a handy dandy prompt list just in case you can't thing of something to write! Now I won't be using the prompts every day because Confession Day and Friday Favorites are like...staples of my blogging week. So those posts will be just like normal but every other day (including weekends!) I will most likely be using the prompts! (Which is why yesterday still counts even though I forgot to add the #Blogtober to it)

Today's Prompt: Dream Job when you were little/What is it now? 

Okay I confess that this is a pretty easy post for me since I did one similar a few months back but hey, you gotta start somewhere! 

Age 3-10 ~ Horse Trainer
 I've loved horses since forever and I thought that training them would be the best thing in the world. Of course this would have been more practical had I realized from young age that I "Don't do Outside" Still love horses and wish that I rode more. 

Age 11~ Marine Biologist
It was a brief temptation of wanting to be a Marine Biologist and study dolphins and whales at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. I wanted so badly to live in Hawaii and see all the fish and ocean. However once I learned that I would smell eternally like fish that idea quickly went out the window. 
Age 12-Present ~ Writer
One summer I decided I would write a story. I had no idea that I was actually writing a fan fiction since that was not a thing back then but I did and I really enjoyed the whole process. This started the need and love for writing that I have never been able to shake. I still hope to someday publish a book and share my stories with the world but....that still remains to be seen. 
Age 16 and a few times since ~ Librarian
I worked at a library during my high school years and for a few years in college. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I like the quiet and the feeling of being surrounded by all those stories....plus no one cares if you are re reading something for the millionth time, they are book worms, they get it. 
Age 20 something~ Baker
I had a small moment where I thought I could be like Pioneer Woman and make amazing food. Of course my focus was on baking because  I don't like to "cook" per say. Also I was reading a book series the main character was a baker and had her own bakery. I thought that sounded like the most amazing thing, to give people goodies all day and always smell like vanilla and chocolate...just awesome. 

  So there you have it, I will be honest and tell you straight up that although MOM isn't on the list of things here, it is my favorite job and no matter what I do in the future, it's the one that matters most to me!


  1. i have my media science degree and always loved working in a library. but i'm a nanny now and i love it. i still organize her books though. shh!

  2. Wow, you have it down to years! That's impressive! haha

    I didn't put it on my list, but SAHM is definitely in the top spot, just not yet. ;)

  3. It seems like every little kid always has a marine biologist phase, huh? It's just so fascinating! And I'm pretty sure it's because all of us kids saw the lucky ones performing with dolphins and thought all marine biologists did that or something! :) Ah, being a baker would be nice! I'd like to be the kind that can try all their delicious treats and not gain weight. :)


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