My Life in Dogs

A Lot of People Love Dogs.

Oh so true

I mean who wouldn't love a dog? They are so cute and loveable. They love unconditionally. I mean they are Man/Woman's best friend right?! 

To most people loving dogs means they might live with 1 or 2....sometimes even 3....

So what do you call a person that lives with 14? 



Totally Mad? 

Yep. That's Me. 

There's always room for one more...
Now to be fair...I come from a long line of Crazy Dog Ladies. We are not as well known as the Crazy Cat Ladies but I like to think that is because we aren't really Crazy. We just have big hearts that cannot say no! 
My Great Aunt left this world having 15 dogs at home. Another Aunt had 10. My mom currently has 5. 

Now, I no longer live with 14 dogs. I am down to a reasonable (for me) 4 dogs (one of which I am dog sitting and isn't actually mine). The other 9 have found happy homes and are all doing well.

There were ten puppies. Adorable little balls of fluff that I watched come into this world via my dog Luna. This was an unexpected pregnancy and it will be Luna's only as she will be fixed as soon as the vet clears her, but even as unexpected as it was...I was thrilled. I love puppies. I mean who doesn't?? (Small side note: We did lose one puppy in the early was heartbreaking...)

Still I want to be VERY clear....puppies....and the additional dogs are a lot of work!  

This is what your day looks like when you have this many dogs...

AM- The dogs are up before the baby is, the big ones all need to go outside and the little ones are up and wanting to play and wanting to be fed as well. The big dogs get walked, fed and watered before I go down to the garage where half of it has been turned into a puppy kennel. I open the doors to let in the sunlight and hose out the kennel. The pups are weaned from Luna now and that means they are on puppy food. This means twice as much poop as before. Guess who gets to clean it up? Yep that is me. Crazy dog lady. 
After getting the kennel spotless, I grab the bedding the pups have been sleeping on and get it to the laundry to be cleaned. I refill the water and food dish and lay out new bedding for the puppies. They immediately dump the water dish so I have to fill it again and destroy the neat bedding getting it all wadded up within the first few seconds. I leave them to it and go upstairs to my now playful 1 year old that is ready for breakfast and the morning dance party. 

Afternoon- It is walk time again for the big dogs. Also I check in on the puppies and it is time to hose out the kennel again. Also they have eaten all the food and either drank or dumped the water dish again. I clean it all up and switch the bedding yet again. Another load of laundry. You have to keep this up in order to keep the kennel from smelling and also it is the beginning stages of potty training. Fresh bedding means they won't potty there. Also they won't potty near the food, leaving only one corner for potty purposes. Trust me, this makes potty training much easier for the new owners if the owner of the mother does this! We also have play time where I throw out a bunch of toys to them, play tug of war, and roll the ball eleventy billion times.

Evening- Big dog walk again and they get their second feeding (they are on a schedule, except for Luna who is still getting supplements and the like to get her back to her weight after nursing ten puppies for 8 weeks) I once again hose out the kennel and put out fresh food and bedding for the pups. They are playful but sleepy by now and I let Luna in with them and they all pile up on the bedding ready for bed. My heart melts a little. 

This was my typical day while all the puppies were living with me. It was tough and sometimes I was not super happy about it. I mean I have a 1 year old that needs my attention too...she needs to be fed,played with, diapers changed, and cuddles given. It was a LOT of work and very expensive buying SO MUCH DOG FOOD...but by the end of the day...I felt the same way putting them to bed as I do when my daughter snuggles in next me at night. Just a warm heart and fuzzy feelings. I love my dogs. 

The puppies are gone now. Each going to a new home and a new guardian. Each guardian's number is in my cell phone so I can keep up with them and the puppy's progress. Happy to report most are almost potty trained fully and are growing and happy and healthy. I cried after each one left...I just couldn't help it, but I know they will be loved. Also the remaining four are so happy they are gone LOL! 

Here were the nine....


  1. Oh my gosh too much cute! I could never do it - so much work just to see them go, you are amazing! I can barely keep up with one dog and a cat so kudos to you with multiple dogs and a one year old.

  2. Alll the doggiesssssss .... I really need to move into an apartment where I can have one! Im way too obsessed with dogs!


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