Letting Your Freak Flag Fly

Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks for all the awesome comments on yesterday's Nerdy Girl post. It was a fun post and I was surprised by how much I wanted to share! Actually I have a whole other list for a future post! 

It's such a turn around for me to feel so eager to share these parts of my personality because I spent a lot of time and wasted a TON of energy basically ignoring/hiding who I really am. 

I didn't always embrace my inner nerd.

I always was a nerd I just never really embraced it and owned it the way that I do now. I think that is part of growing up, learning who you are and learning to just accept it. Everyone has something about them that is different, and that is what makes people beautiful. That something makes you, you. You have to let your Freak Flag Fly.

So when did I start flying my flag? How did I finally let go of the image of who I was "supposed" to be and starting just being me? 

I started basically but not denying the things that I liked any more. 

When I overheard people talking Harry Potter, Sherlock, Supernatural, or other fandom things, I jumped into the conversation. 

I started writing about the things that interested me instead of what I thought people liked (fantasy, some fanfiction, darker things) 

I started openly telling people about how much I loved Comic Con and how Cosplay was one of my favorite things. 

I just stopped hiding. 

Once I started opening up it became easier and easier. It just felt SO RIGHT. I finally felt more comfortable in my skin and there didn't seem to be a dark shadow lurking in the corner ready to jump out and ruin any interaction I was having. It was all out there in the open. 

So I encourage everything to just Be Who You Are. It doesn't matter if anyone else likes it. It doesn't matter if it is different. YOU are different and that is Awesome. It's okay to be a freak.

So let your Freak Flags Fly! 


  1. hahaha I agree. Freak flag flying high. PS i almost thought this was going to be about another type of 'freak flag' haha


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