Friday Favorites: The last one of August!!!

Good Morning Everyone!
It is Friday!!!! 
Ready for some Favorites?? 

Then let's get to it! 

Beauty Favorites: 

Bold black eyeliner

Cheetah Nail Art
Fashion Favorites:
Nice and simple! pluse the purple with gold... its golden

 Summer 4- plus size outfit, created by smileyjane on Polyvore
 Meow's the Time Heel

Favorite Workout: 

Nerdy Girl Favorite: 
Wow, love.

Night Vale Community Radio Mug
(Night Vale is a Podcast. If you have never heard it, GO NOW.)

 Slice and Bake Pizza Roll-ups
Song of the Week:

That's it for me this week, I'm off for a weekend of fun celebrating my friend's Dirty Thirty! Peace! 


  1. Those roll ups....yum. Have a blast this weekend! Stopping by from the linkup:)

  2. Oh my God - that snitch necklace... I NEED IT.

  3. Oh my that first makeup look is awesome!!!


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