Hot Mama Monday: A Confession

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome back to Hot Mama Monday!

Now I know that normally confession day is on Wednesday but....this one couldn't wait anymore. I have something to confess to you all. I may have been neglecting Hot Mama Mondays here on the blog but IRL....well that is a different story. 

I confess.....I've been killing it. 

I have been steady tracking my food for over the past month and I can tell you all here honestly that I have lost weight! I'm not going to go into the numbers of the weight loss but I will tell you that I have lost over 12.5 inches all over! THAT IS A HUGE DEAL.

My clothes are fitting better. 

I feel better. 

I for sure LOOK better, LOL! 

  So what have I been doing? Well Eating Clean mostly. Loads of chicken and fish. Piles of veggies. No sugar, no heavy starches more than three times a week. (potatoes and such, I do have a slice of diet bread about every other day though) Also I measure out my portions. Portion control has always been a real issue for me in the past, but I'm learning!

I've also been doing Zumba and just daily chores as far as workout is going. Honestly I was just trying to get my eating under control before I really started to focus on the fitness. I'm ready to start doing that now but I wanted to share with you all how drastically everything can change from simply making better food choices! 

So there it is in black and white, my confession. I wasn't really trying to hide it all but I wanted to be sure that I would stick with it and show some results this time! So I kept it secret until I felt like it was time to do some explaining! Hope you all forgive me! 

Hope Everyone had a great weekend and Cheers to a (hopefully) good week ahead!


  1. Yay for killing it!! I need to jump back on the good eating train. Go you!


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