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Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am doing a post that I originally saw over at Steph's Page and I thought it was just the most awesome post! Everyone puts different priorities on things and everyone has different opinions on what is worth spending their money on! I loved seeing her list and thought it would be a really fun post to share a list of my own! (Plus if you have been here long you know how much I LOVE a good list!) 

1) Clarisonic Mia- I put this off forever but honestly now that I have one I am not sure I could go without one! When I was out of town for Labor Day I didn't take it with me and seriously my face felt so awful! I have an issue with "texture" and the occasional monthly breakout. My Clarisonic has totally changed all of that! I use it nightly with the sensitive brush head and I have absolutely no regrets with this purchase! 
2) Benefit Porefessional- It is a primer that you put on before your makeup and it runs about $30.....which is pretty pricey. However it seriously makes your makeup go on so much smoother and it really does help to minimize the appearance of pores. It helps my makeup stay on really well but I will warn you that if you are super oily you might want to check out the new Smashbox Pore Minimizing primer which is supposed to be amazing. I haven't tried it yet but I hear very good things about it! 
3) Pedicures- I know that Steph said this but it is TRUE.

4) Boppy- This one is for the Mama's out there. I use my Boppy EVERYDAY. Kyra has loved it since she was a tiny thing and still nursing. She still loves to sleep on it during nap times! 
Boppy Bare Naked Pillow with Slipcover & $30 Bonus Gift - Pink Owls
5) EOS Lip Balm- Warning you will want to collect them all...

6) Extra Long iPhone/iPad chargers (seriously the Freedom!!!) 

7) Google Chromecast- This is probably my Most Used Christmas gift from last year! 

8) Amazon Prime Membership - again Steph mentioned this but honestly...we save So Much at Christmas time!

9) Makeup Brushes- Okay I fought tooth and nail against this but honestly....since I switched to Real Techniques brushes and better brushes in general instead of just using my fingers or the little ones that come with the makeup...well it has been a game changer! Honestly a good brush can make even the lowest budget makeup look awesome ( I am not a makeup snob, I love expensive makeup sure but I will drug store it up ANYTIME! Wet n' Wild is my LOVE!)

10) Books- I know this is like a general statement but I NEVER feel badly about spending money on books. I don't care what type of book....books are one of the few bits of magic that we are capable of!
So true...

So what is worth every cent to you? I know you all have other things you like to spend your hard earned money on! Share in the comments!


  1. skin care, sunscreen and makeup are my top splurges. also, shoes. you can get cheap shoes that'll give you nasty blistery feet that won't even make it through 2 winters or you can spend the money for a quality pair of shoes that fit right and will last you throughout the years.

    i should get on this list too :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Pedicures are definitely, absolutely worth it. Love the entire list!

  3. Okay, where do you get the extra long iphone chargers? I need a few. That is my biggest pet peeve!

    Love this list and you know I'm looking into the clarisonic now!


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