Hey It's Ok! Vol. 2

Good Morning Everyone! 

Today is another edition of Hey It's Ok! 

...to randomly and for no real reason completely fail to blog for a week. Except for your confessions post of course. 

...to suddenly want to drink cups upon cups of coffee even though you have had maybe three cups in the last four months. 

....to create massive wishlists based on the fictional fortune you have in your head. 

....that you only got your baby's pictures in two outfits since she was just NOT HAVING IT during the photo session. Hey the photos you got were cute and you saved money! 

...to go completely crazy at the dollar store on Halloween items. They were just a dollar! 

...to want to completely simplify your life and chuck everything out and start fresh. It will probably never happen but it is totally okay to want to!

...to watch makeup tutorials and hauls over and over again. How else will you learn?

...to put up a post like this on a Monday because you know that everyone is pretty tired from the weekend and actually doesn't mind "fluff" posts because Monday's are serious enough! 

Hope Everyone is having a great day....if not here is a picture of a cute kiddo....


  1. I love simplifying, I've been bitten with that bug recently too.

    Cute photo!

  2. that pic is adorable!!
    i'm the worst parent - i've been meaning to get profesh photos of kayla when she was born...and now that she's 6, i haven't done jack LOL

    Vodka and Soda


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