Monday Mantras and Coffee

Morning Everyone,

Well apparently I forgot to hit Publish on my Friday Favorites! Blogging Fail. However I am back in action today and will just save last Friday's Favorites for another day! 

Today I thought I would share some Monday Mantras to get you through the day and just in case you might need a little motivation today...I know I could use just a little push this week! 

Sunday's Inspirational Quote & Song for the Day! 

Wednesday Words of Wisdom, May 28, 2014 | thesassylife Check out the website to see more 

Inspirational Quotes On Bullying | Bullying quotes | Skyler Bling's Inspirational Quotes 

 Also it is National Coffee Day so drink up!!!! 

Without coffee, there would be chaos and darkness. #coffee #quotes with @cofffeloversmag


  1. I literally just tweeted about national coffee day. I forgot. whomp whomp. I should've read blog posts earlier today. Anyway, all of these Monday Mantras are great :) Happy Monday! I hope you had your coffee


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