Monday Meme~ Moms can't get sick!

Good morning everyone, 

I have managed to catch the cold my husband brought home last week, Kyra has it as well, so that is Super Fun. I basically feel like my nose is a faucet but also so congested that my brain is threatening to explode from the pressure. I took care of my husband last week doing all I could to make him feel better...his advice to me? Just go lay down and rest! 


Is he joking? Oh sure I will just go take a nap whole our one year old takes care of herself, the chores, and the dogs shall I?! Ugh. 


  1. I have a wicked cough and semi cold. It SUCKS! And I dont have a baby but I do have mass amounts of work to complete .... Ugh

  2. bleh; back to school means back to school colds and grossness. get better soon!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. UGH. Feel better soon! Rest when you can, which I know is not often.

  4. Oh no, feel better! I know it seems impossible to rest, but it does work! It's my go-to fix to every ailment.

  5. Isn't getting sick the worst?! And double that once you have kids and can't just "take a sick day"! I feel your pain, ever since my little guy started daycare it's been a vicious cycle of sickness in my house! Feel better - xoxo!


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