Friday Favorites 8/21

Good Morning Everyone, 

Time for Friday Favorites! 

Green Eye Makeup - Winged Eyeliner - Lashes - Green Eyes
I am really into the Olive Greens right now!


Dramatic fall nails
This is supposed to be THE color for fall. I'm in love!

Simple everyday gold plated star and CZ Embdedded crescent Moon charm Necklace on Gold fill chain. Perfect gift for mom or Grandmother. Little stars
I love this....simply beautiful.


the outfit is very cute.
Yep would wear the whole outfit.

Nerdy Girl: 
The 17 Most Perfect Earrings for Any Girl Who Wants to Show of How Much of Geek She Is - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing
My ears aren't pierced up there but this makes me want to get them done!

{Printables} Harry Potter | Quidditch Field ♥♥♥This link will take you to other Harry Potter buildings including Hogwartz
Is it weird that I wanna make this? Like just for fun?

18 Things All Writers Wish They Could Say #writing #authors #lol

 Actual pic of me at a party

 Song of the Week:

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. LOVE navy!
    I want that whole outfit, too!!!!

  2. I typically don't like blue polishes but that one looks amazing - do you know what it is?

    And do you know where the moon and star necklace is from?

  3. I almost bought nail polish last night. ALMOST, then realized I would have also had to buy remover, so I didn't.
    As someone who got 2 cartilage piercings in each eat at the same time (so a total of 4 piercings at once), OMG don't it hurts!! Cute though.

  4. I'm wearing OPI Light My Sapphire which looks similar to that one. I love the Pac Man piercing!!!!

  5. That blue nail colour is super cute!!


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