Friday Favorites 8/28

Good Morning Everyone, 

Happy Friday Everyone! Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. I was busy getting tires put on the car and then catching up on a bunch of housework....also reading....lots of reading!

But now It's time for the Favorites! (Also it is the last Friday of August already! Where is the time going?!)

Celestial Stamped Nails | 25 Clever Nail Ideas For Halloween
This is gorgeous!

✝Pinterest: @natlopez14
Love the harsh line and of course the glitter!

cat fashion. Idk why I find this so adorable.
Normally I'm a dog person but I would totally carry around this kitty purse!

Outfit ideas: over the knee boots for cosy and stylish casual look #nothingtowear
Yes. Bring on the boot weather!

Nerdy Girl:
Party points to ME! I just found the Harley Quinn Mini Napsack from Spencer's. Visit their mobile website to get this item and more like it.
Awesome Harley Quinn themed pack. I need it obviously.
kawaii and cute products or gadgets Adorable and practical products Kawaii pillow cushions
Why am I in love with this loaf of bread? I mean like...I am seriously pining for this loaf of bread....

Hahaha yep!!


Song of the Week: 

It's been that kind of week. I needed a Fight Song.

That's it for me this week! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love the glitter UNDER the eye in your beauty post. I need to try that sometime :)

  2. I really really really love that loaf of bread. It makes me laugh and it looks comfortable to boot.


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