Weekend Recap 8/24

Good Morning Everyone,

Time for the Recap!

Amazingly enough the weather has been wonderful here lately. So Kyra and I spent pretty much the entire day outside drawing, relaxing, playing in her playhouse, and just enjoying the good life. Don't worry I COATED us with sunscreen! 


She loves the chalk art. Little artist in the making!

My brother D had mentioned that this thrift store had a TON of Halloween things out and that meant I had to go and check it out! There was a lot of stuff but I didn't pick up any Halloween things. Cool stuff but nothing that jumped out and said it had to go home with me. 
Also if you want more ridiculousness from me my SnapChat is chaosncocoa

After that we headed to Price Chopper yet again because we had guests coming over to start a new D&D campaign. While we were shopping I ran across these and had to snap a pic. Is there a great demand for these? What do you do with them? Is there some underground cactus loving movement happening that I am not aware of? 

Then the night was spent rocking out our nerdy life. We borrowed this massive amount of dice from Bobby's Dad and I just thought they looked so pretty in there. I also admit that I totally pick my dice according to how pretty I think they are!

Lazy day since we had a pretty full day on Saturday. Bobby and Kyra took a nap and I got in a good amount of time on the treadmill and caught up on some YouTube videos. I also got some behind the scenes work done on the blog which is always such a relief/joy!

That's the Recap! Have a good Monday Everyone!


  1. Halloween purchases already? The year is going by way too fast!

  2. I love that picture of Kyra laying in the midst of chalk art. Like, I seriously think that is a picture to save for a lifetime. There are a few pics of mine that I identify with - "yep, that's my childhood." - I feel like it is that kind of pic of Kyra!

  3. I need to find a decent grocery store with a awesome product selection. So far, the 2 that I've went to near my house have been complete fails and it makes me all the sad. As in, neither of them carried loose brussel sprouts! WTF!?! I need sprouts so I feel less guilty about my bacon consumption.


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