Confessions 8/12

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's time for confession!

I confess that I am SUPER behind on reading blogs and responding to comments. I apologize this past week has been really crazy and then with Kansas City Comic Con this past weekend I was really busy and running around. I am hoping to have my recap up tomorrow! I will be attempting to get back to reading/commenting/responding tonight and into tomorrow so please don't think I'm ignoring you! 

I confess that after the weekend of gaming and running around the con I had a hard time bouncing back. Actually my sleep schedule is totally jacked and my recovering time is getting longer and longer. I used to be able to just bounce right back after an all nighter with just a cup of coffee and sheer it takes multiple cups....and days.....

I confess that my neighbor's dog is driving me crazy. It has been crying and barking since 7am. It seems like they get a new puppy every month or something....I know they have three dogs for sure and one is still very much a puppy but it seems like it should be past the point of crying in the kennel the way that this one it sounded like a little puppy. Either way....please for the love of all things stop the crying...I'm going mad. 

I confess that I fangirled a lot this past weekend. So many amazing cosplays and wonderful people. I love everything about going to cons and this one was no exception. Plus it was the first one for Kansas City itself. (Planet Comic Con is held here as well but this one was just KC) It was a bit smaller but no less amazing! 

I confess that here lately I've been thinking about goals, hopes, dreams....basically things I want to do. I had mentioned that lately I have been feeling restless and I think that is because things are about to change...I feel like I'm changing and the things that I want for myself are changing and growing. I see the shape of a future that I really want...all I have to do is put in the work....but I see it. I'm ready. 

That's it for me today. Happy Humpday Everyone. Be sure to Linkup! 

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. We used to have a neighbor whose dog barked whenever they weren't home. Non stop. I almost lost my shit once so I had to tattle on them to management lol

    I yell at Meri whenever she starts barking when she's outside. That is UNACCEPTABLE unless something is IN her yard or she's protecting me.
    I've never been to a con. Ever. Unless you count the NC Renn Faire where people dress up.

  3. That's sad if your neighbors keep a puppy locked up all day and he's crying. Although it would drive me crazy too! Excited to hear more about these changes and goals. You can do it!

  4. Its ok to be behind. It happens to everyone. Sad about the neighbours dog crying, it must be crying for a reason. Sigh


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