Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts 8/20

-Waking Up before Kyra~ Whenever I do this I get SO much done! Admittedly it is hard to do when she is all snuggled up with me but when I make the effort and get up the day is usually so much easier!

-A made bed~ My mom always had us make our beds when I was younger and now I get why. A made bed just looks so put together, even if the room isn't!

-Freshly vacuumed floor~ I cannot be the only one that loves the lines the vacuum makes on the carpet right? ....Right?

-Cute pajamas~ I am not sure why this makes me feel put together but it does. Maybe because if something happened and I had to run out in the middle of the night I would still look acceptable?

-Sock buns~ This is my go-to hair style for the summer time. Also it is the go-to when I am at home cleaning and want to feel like a real person. Sometimes being a SAHM makes it hard to remember what it felt like to get ready in the morning for work, putting my hair up in an easy and cute way makes me feel like I'm actually taking part in the day.

- Painted toenails~ My fingernails are rarely painted because they chip all the time when I am working around the house. However my toes are always painted! I love bright colors and every time I see them I just feel put together.

- Organized music playlists~ Yes I am the crazy person with a million playlists. Cleaning, Working, Writing, Moody, Happy, Dance Party....

- When my coffee is ready to go in the mornings and all I have to do is push the button

-Clean sheets and shaved legs~ The best feeling ever.

-My Nightly Log Book- I started this about a month and a half ago and now I will never look back. At the end of the day I write down important things to remember. Not just bill stuff but things that Kyra did that day. Something we cooked. Somewhere we went. Something sweet Bobby said. It brings me a sense of peace and reminds me how very lucky I am.

What makes you feel like you have your life together even if you really don't? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Please share some of your many playlists. I love to read others' playlists. I love cute pajamas too, although I'm often in an old ratty super soft t-shirt. I can't quit them.

  2. There are 3 reasons I make my bed: 1- I grew up with a waterbed, so keeping it made meant keeping the heat in, 2- If the bed is unmade, when I put all my shit on it, things get lost and I hate that, 3- #goatdogs like to track dirt and shit all over my bed, so making it means I don't have to sleep like pigpen.
    I love to vacuum and see the full canister. It feels like I'm doing something right.
    I usually go for the oversized t-shirt as pjs, but I bought this adorable tye-dye shirt from Target with a Troll on it that says "crazy hair don't care" and I lurve it.
    The Navy ruined me on sock buns. The navy actually ruined a lot of things for me, but especially the sock bun.
    I wish I was dedicated enough to paint my toenails. That said, I'd really like a pedi.
    OMG YESSS to clean sheets and shaved legs. Not gonna lie, I changed the sheets this week and knew I was having overnight company, but I really shaved for the clean sheets more than the company. #notsorry
    I like the idea of the log book!

    Adulting done right: going to bed early, reading nonfiction books, no dishes in the sink (especially having no dishwasher), cleaning up after dinner, staying on a schedule.

  3. Sock buns are my go to when I want to look classy but also haven't washed my hair in a couple days! lol

  4. Clean sheets & shaved legs - YESSS! best feeling ever! Same with the toenails. My finger nails are crap, but the toes look good!

  5. I suck at making my bed on a morning but you are so right it looks so much better!


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