Playing Catch Up

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone, 

I am SO BEHIND on blog comments and replies and it is just getting overwhelming. So I will most likely hit "read" on a lot of blogs. I still plan on going through the big Book Linkup from last week and of course the confessions linkup so I will get to those but all the others I'm afraid are on the chopping block. I don't want to but at this point I have about 80 blogs in the "To Read" folder and I'm just not going to be able to get to them all. I thought I would have more time this past weekend but I wasn't even home for most of it! 

Speaking of weekend here is what I got up to: 

Friday: Pretty much an awful day. I was in a really bad funk all day and I kept trying to make it better but everything was just destined to go wrong. I even took Kyra for ice cream because really how could ice cream go bad? Well it didn't go bad except Kyra didn't want ice cream she wanted chicken. So I got her some chicken but it was too hot and she cried and I just felt overwhelmed and sad. Then of course I forgot that school was back in and we were sitting at the Dairy Queen right next to the school let out for the day so we had to pack up and get out or else be stuck there for an hour while the traffic cleared. The whole experience left me exhausted. I had felt trapped at the house but leaving the house wasn't worth it either. Just a bad day I suppose. 

Saturday: Rough start as the feeling from Friday never seemed to go away but then Bobby was like "We need to get you out of the house." So we took Kyra to the play place and let her run around for about an hour. That was really fun also I got a bit of a break while Kyra was playing which was really nice. Then we did tour around Marshalls (didn't buy anything) then it was off to the Dollar Tree for a bit of stock up/goofing around. Then we decided to just go to the Price Chopper there instead of our normal one and honestly it was awesome. That Price Chopper was so fancy and clean!!!! They also had a Starbucks which I am kind of glad we don't have because that would be hella dangerous for me! I did get a Mocha Coconut Frap while I was there and it was heaven and I didn't even get a picture because I was dancing around with sheer joy at having a fancy coffee drink while grocery shopping. I realize this makes me a weirdo...or you know a suburban mom. After the epic shopping trip we headed home to unpack and make dinner. Then my father in law and brother in law stopped by and we played a couple games. After that Kyra fell asleep and Bobby and I watched Battle of Five Armies on HBO and honestly the evening just felt really good. I finally shook off the funk. 

Sunday: We went down to visit Bobby's Mom and Grandma. It was a nice visit but a short one as his Grandma wasn't feeling very well. Then we took a short trip over to TJ Maxx and wandered around for a bit. I almost bought a Zuko Popsicle machine but then I thought, "How often do I even make Popsicle?" so I talked myself out of it. After that we stopped by my parents for a visit. Watched an episode of Face Off ( I LOVE that show!) and then headed home. Home meant dinner, baths, bedtime, and I was SO HAPPY to be in bed by 9:50. Kyra was out in like two minutes and I actually slept the whole night through!

Now it is Monday, my post is going up late because I spent the morning cleaning my house, and now I am going to wrap this up and start working on reading blogs and getting caught up! 

Did you all have a good weekend? Anyone else experiencing a funk lately? I feel like every other week one is settling on me here....Summer Time Sadness maybe? I dunno. 

Either way Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. sorru you had such a rough friday, i hope saturday and sunday made up for it! i don't think we have this price chopper place, but i wish we did!

  2. Guuuurl. Mark all as read on that shit and move on. Anyone who says they haven't before is a lying sack of shit.
    I'm sorry you were in a slump. :/ Happens to the best of us. I hope you're feeling better now!

  3. Sorry for your rough day friday. Let me give you some advice - head the mark all as read. Just do it. :)

  4. I miss stores like TJ Maxx & Marshall's. There are a few similar counterparts here, but none that have filled the void. I did got to a "Hot Dollar" yesterday and picked up some awesome/cheap organizer baskets for my cosmetic corner :)

  5. DUDE PRICE CHOPPAAAAA!!! Lol. So the only Price Chopper I've ever experienced is in the town where my NY grandparents live. My sister and I hyped that store up soooo much then when we went back as adults, it was just another grocery store. But yeah, we were sooooo excited to go to the Price Choppa.

    YAY for accomplishing the cleaning PRE blogging. I'm not so good at the PRE-blogging part.. or cleaning at all, unless one of the dogs has made a mess, thanks #goatdogs... assholes.


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