Kansas City Comic Con 2015: Recap

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today I am doing my Kansas City Comic Con recap! I will be focusing mostly on the cosplay as that is my favorite part and the part I got the most pictures of! However I did want to first show you our purchases from the con that are both epic and awesome! 

I had to have this. I mean seriously. What Harry Potter nerd wouldn't want this??

I love Ant Lucia. His Bombshell girls are some of my favorite works of art. Bobby actually picked up this deck of cards and Ant Lucia signed his favorite ones!!!
This is the shirt that Bobby got. Awesome Turtles.
This is the shirt that I got. Cute yes? Dragons are Charizard (Left), Toothless (top), and Spiro (Right)

Now the Con! 

I was super happy right away when I found out that there were no wristbands involved! I loved having the little lanyard cards because 1) they are more comfortable 2) they are a souvenir! That was a HUGE plus in my opinion! 

This was the first cosplay I saw at the con and honestly I knew right then that this day was going to be awesome. She played awesome by the way! 

Then I had to get a snap of Kyra with the Supernatural boys! So Cute!

 All in all I have to say that this con was much more laid back than Planet Comicon. That may have been since it was the first and I was only able to attend Saturday, but still there was a very different feel to this con. I really enjoyed how pleasant everyone was! The Artists were so happy to talk about their art, inspirations, and just about anything nerdy in general! 

I personally did not meet any of the media guests since I was busy running around trying to catch cosplayers (and Kyra) my mom did meet Sean Austin and said that he was very kind and shook her hand when she met him. I love it when stars are just as nice in person as you imagine them to be! 

 Now I give you the Awesome Cosplay- I snapped a TON of photos and have spent the last few days getting them all together. I had to put them in collages so that I didn't bog down the page!  There is so much talent in these pictures!!! 

I just want to say that I support Cosplay of all kinds, whether your costume is commissioned, handmade, or store bought. Whether you are a pro or it is your first time. I support it all. I think that cosplay is one of the best and most creative ways of showing how much you love a character. I appreciate everyone who takes that leap and dresses up to show their love. You all rock! 

I am so very glad that I attended the Kansas City Comic Con this inagural year and I can't wait to make it a yearly tradition! Big Congrats to everyone that worked so hard to put it all together! You did a wonderful job!

Now for ACTUAL CREDITS, thank you to these lovely cosplayers that let me take their photos! I did not get the chance to get everyone's information (obviously), so if you see your photo or someone's photo that you know Please Comment Below! Also I couldn't find links for all but if you happen upon them please let me know so I can link properly! I want to make sure I give credit where it is due!

Megustaguy as Deathstroke 
Rouge Wench as Elvira
Nathanial Goodwin as Viking
Rabies Sew as Princess Anastasia
Prop Customz (Calen Hoffman)- The EPIC Groot Suit 


  1. I have no clue .. haha but I sure do like to hear your passion and love for comic con.

  2. I'm such a judger, but I feel like those who wear the Leia prisoner costume just want attention to their bodies. :(
    I wanna a fun reason to dress up!


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