The Weekend In List Form

Good Morning Everyone, 

I'm writing this the morning of instead of the night or days before and honestly list form just sounded super appealing so that is what is happening today! 

What went down: 

1. Attempted to make festive cake pops for the holiday. Followed recipe exactly...yet somehow managed to fail. Tasted great but looked like a weird lumpy mess.

2. Harry Potter Marathon. 

3. Harry Potter themed Jell-O shots. I still have an entire cookie tray left of them. All in the house colors of course. 

4. Ran out of Jell-O shot containers and used tiki faces as edible Voldemort faces instead. Thought that was clever as hell. 

5. Since the cake pops bombed and I didn't want to waste the sprinkles I went the easy route and made chocolate covered strawberries. Big hit. Tasted Awesome. Looked Pretty awesome too. 

6. Spent the 4th at my parents for a bit, had dinner, hung out. 

7. Spent the night of the 4th keeping the dogs calm and watching Totoro for approximately the billionth time. It was a wild night around these parts. 

8. Made homemade donuts for breakfast. Tasted awesome as usual. This is why I will never be thin. 

9. Caught up on chores, watched some TV, started and finished Girl on the Train. 

10. Went to bed with Kyra at 9:25...she didn't actually go to sleep until around 3am. Hence late blog post. Also husband is still not back from trip and am super jealous that I will never get a weekend away without having to adult the entire time. I AM however going to get a pedicure this week so that is something! 

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! I will be catching up on comments and blog posts later this afternoon! 

Happy Monday Everyone. 


  1. I love mini M&M's! I'm sure I'd love the cake pops and those chocolate covered strawberries. Did you love the Girl on the Train?!

  2. Yay for the chocolate covered strawberries!! I actually dont think your cake pops looked terrible. PS your weekend sounds so yummy - next time send me some fo the homemade donut!

    1. ** send me a homemade donut - grammar and spelling epic freaking fail.

  3. Did you bake or fry your donuts?

    The strawberries look adorable.

  4. Uhm...the cake pops may not have looked as good as you wanted, but I'm pretty sure I would've fought a person or two to eat them all! I'm not a Harry Potter girl, but I am a jello shot girl. Those look fun!

  5. No one ever cares how it looks as long as it's delicious! At least that's what I tell myself. if people bitch about food I'm providing, they can kiss my ass and not eat my food. Also, I wanna go to a HP party!


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