Some Late Confessions

Good Afternoon/Evening Everyone, 

I am super late with my confessions today and also have been really MIA from the blog. I didn't mean to be but I am here now! 

Here we go: 

I confess that normally if I go MIA from the blog is it is because I am either feeling super down and don't want to spread the grump and gloom around or I am reading. In this particular instance it is both! 
I confess that car trips suck. They make them look like awesome fun on TV and Movies but that is just a lie. Seriously they suck. Kyra was amazing, she was not the source of the suck. The source of the suck was the fact that she had her little TV going to keep her content and Bobby had his radio going AT THE SAME TIME. That is too much noise for a small space. 

I confess however when Kyra fell asleep and I turned her TV off Bobby put on The Martian audiobook and that was awesome. I kept looking over at him during funny parts to see if he would laugh or react properly. I nearly gave myself whiplash. He reacted perfectly however and he is really enjoying the book. 

I confess that when my Mom called me and told me she found the library books that I thought were lost I did a happy dance! I returned them this morning and got my money back! SO HAPPY!!

I confess that I have SNAPCHAT. Yep it is silly. Mostly I use it to follow/stalk my favorite YouTubers. If you are interested I do snap myself occasionally. I'm at chaosncocoa. 

I confess that I save blogs to read for later and then usually binge on them when Kyra is napping or I am having a night of no sleep. So if you get comments on posts that are over a week old I promise I am not a creeper! 

I confess that Bobby's birthday is this Saturday and I am kind of at a loss. We will probably go to dinner and I will try to get him something but the whole day is going to be kind of off since we are doing the memorial service for my grandfather. He passed months ago but this is out at the burial site and is just for the immediate family. I'm just not sure how I feel about all of it.....

I confess that even though all that is stressful I am still really excited that KC Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks. I won't be cosplaying but I do intend to still have a rocking good time. I CANNOT WAIT to take all kinds of photos and revel in my nerdy girl/fangirl side! 

So that's it for me I will be back to normal posting now that I am out of the funk. Happy Humpday Everyone!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. Don't worry I (clearly) go MIA from time to time too - hope you get out of your funk soon though :D And I love how much you love Comic Con

  2. I had snapchat for a short while, but I got over it pretty quickly. Maybe, I'm too old. Ha. I have never listened to an audiobook, but I actually think I'd enjoy The Martian on a road trip.

  3. I don't call it creepin', I call it catching up. Life sometimes is just too busy for me to read blogs every day, so I save them all for once.
    I think maybe it was just a funky week. Too bad I can't still blame Mercury Retrograde.


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