Confessions 7/8

Good Morning Everyone,

So far this week can be summed up in this gif:


Here are my confessions:

-I had to pay for TWO lost library books yesterday. I have never lost a library book before and I am BEYOND frustrated I can't find two of them. They are of course Kyra's books and will probably turn up now that I've paid for them because you know that is the way that things go.

-Teeth give me the heebie jeebies. I can look at them and all but when they fall out of your head it makes my skin crawl. Well I had a wisdom tooth crack yesterday and part of it crumbled off. Just writing that makes me feel all icky. Anyhow now I have to get the sucker pulled and it's going to be expensive and expensive was not in the budget. Things are falling apart. Literally.
- We had a ridiculous amount of rain on Monday. About over 5 inches in an hour. It was a little scary but I didn't think much of it until we ended up with water in the basement. Now I have to pull all the stuff out from under the stairs to check for damage and I just...ugh. I don't want to adult today.
-Speaking of said stairs, I was walking down them to go and change the laundry and was talking up the stairs to Kyra at the time and not watching where I was going. I did not see that she had left two cups on the staircase and I stepped on one and fell down the stairs and very nearly broke something. I will confess to you that I sat at the bottom of the stairs wondering what I had done for the bad karma. 
-I spent the evening with Kyra falling asleep in my lap and enjoying some reading when suddenly my lap was wet and Kyra woke up crying. She rarely has accidents but well she is only two. So I had to strip her, me, and the couch cushion and get everyone clean. Of course doing that woke her up fully and she didn't go to sleep until well after 1am. Again.

So yeah basically this week is just not my week. Also now I have to figure out when a good time is to go and have this tooth pulled and then spend the next couple days looking like a chipmunk. Seriously being an adult sucks.

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  1. Oh man! I hope this coming week is the best week EVER to counteract all that you've had to deal with lately!

  2. YAY disney gifs again!
    I'm sorry your week is le shittay. Having been there recently, you have all my sympathies.


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