Friday Favorites 7/24

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's Friday!!! 

Let's Do this: 

Beauty Favorites: 
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks!Launching later this month @nyxcosmetics
I admit it...I have a lip product addition. I want these so badly and they sold out in like minutes on Wednesday. I suppose I will just have to wait for them to come out in Ulta. Womp. Womp.
Pinterest @nattat74
I am all about the green shadow lately!

Fashion Favorites:
Casual Outfit
Super cute. I LOVE peasant tops. Give me flowy forever!

steampunk. suspenders. corset lacing. green.
This could have gone under Nerdy Girl but honestly I would wear this anywhere. I love the corset back and the suspenders are killing it. Love.

Nerdy Girl Favorites: 
SImplicity 1137, Sansa Stark costumes
Sansa Stark Costume Patterns! Yes Pattern Companies! Cosplay is where you should focus your time! That is who is buying your patterns!!!!!

Panoply Scale Mail Bra I like the spine on this, it would be nice to incorporate on other kit
I love Dragon Scale armor and this one with the spine...In love!

Favorite Funnies: 

It's not you, it's me.


Song of the Week:

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great and safe weekend!


  1. oooh love the sansa costumes! i definitely could not make that lol

  2. Pretty sure I need to go download all their songs and play them on repeat until I'm sick of them.
    Soooooo my Renn Faire shift has the draped sleeves and I lurrrrrrveee it. Sadly, it's gotten lots of holes from all the moves, but I could totally wear it as a sleeping dress.

  3. Those matte lip colours are stunning! And yes to the 30 eccard - so me. I have that saved on my phone actually hehe


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