Confessions 7/15

Good Morning Everyone,

Time for Confession Day!

- I confess that I put in a call to my personal stylist (my mum) this week in order to get myself in order for the upcoming weekend away. I am so grateful that she does this for me and is on call for me whenever I need her.

- I confess that I get major stress when it comes to packing. I LOVE making the list but I always wonder just what I am going to forget...I haven't seemed to get the whole "mom" think where I remember everything and am prepared for all situations. I'm getting better though!

-I confess that Kyra is hilarious. We were at a library event last week and they were telling the kids to try to keep quiet because they had baby animals there that we were learning about. Well Kyra was getting restless and I told her that she had to sit still and be a good girl. She then puts her hands on my face and looks me in the eye and says, "Relax." The other moms cracked up. I admit I laughed too.
 Disney animated GIF

-I confess that she also pulled another moment of hilarity when they were showing us a Red-footed Tortoise. Kyra got excited and said, "Turtle!" and the very nice lady who saw and opportunity to teach said, "Well actually it is a Tortoise.." Kyra looks at her with this angry/disdainful look and says. "TURTLE." in a voice that clearly said. I'm not stupid lady. I know what I am talking about.
(Legit Kyra's expression)

-I confess that I have some serious anxiety issues when it comes to asking people questions. For example: I wanted to take Kyra to the Y to swim for the first time. Problem is I have never used the pool and didn't know the procedure/rules. I WAS UP FOR HOURS WORRIED ABOUT THIS. However I told myself to woman up and do the thing because Kyra would love it and I AM THE MOM. It worked out just fine and the girl was super sweet about it. Kyra loves the water and we will be going back a LOT more often! I did it!
I can't believe i did this

-I confess that one of the biggest reasons I look forward to confession week is to look for more Disney Gifs/ having a Gif theme. For some reason when it all connects it pleases me. 
kitty cat disney cats kitten crazy Alice In Wonderland disney gif Cheshire Cat cheshire attention mental notice psycho disapear aiw

That's it for me this week. Happy Humpday Everyone! 

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  1. I'm so glad you "woman(ed) up" and took Kyra to the pool. I have great memories of swimming with my mom when I was a little girl. And the tortoise/turtle story almost made me spit out my water.

  2. Good job on womaning up.

    Seriously trying to teach kids that young the difference between turtles and tortoise? Good for Kyra. LOL

  3. I HATE doing things for the first time, to include asking people things or confronting people. It keeps me up at night. It's also part of the reason I haven't really went to the gym since I moved. Having to pick a new machine that is "mine" and finding it/getting lost.. ughhh.. #adultingwoes

  4. I love seeing the gifs people use! You always have great themes. Oh my gosh, Kyra is sassy and hilarious. Her little one-liners cracked me up!


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