Confesssions July 1st??!!

Good Morning Everyone, 

Time for Confessions!
I confess that I am honestly not sure how it got to be July....I was just celebrating Kyra's birthday wasn't I? How did June go by so quickly? 

I confess that I decided to go ahead and do Camp NaNoWriMo this year. Normally I only do the NaNoWriMo in November but I thought it might be fun to do it this summer as well. Also it is just what I need to get my butt in gear and get some seriously word counts done! 

I confess that I am JUST NOW starting to realize that not only do I need a cleaning schedule but I need a daily schedule as well. I am trying to be more productive and for that I need some structure to my day to day activities. I am trying to set up a routine that gets Kyra down for regular naps and makes sure that we are eating at roughly the same times every day. I have no idea why I fight the idea of schedules and routines so much but I know that once I stick to them everything goes so much more smoothly! 

I confess that I went to 5 different stores in search of sprinkles on Monday night. Seriously. I finally found some but they aren't the star sprinkles I was hoping for...however they should turn out all right for what I want to make. (Pssst....that recipe will be on the blog later this week....) 

I confess I bought new pajamas on Monday night because we are going to stay with friends in a few weeks and I can't be wearing my ratchet pajamas out and about. They are super cute and super soft and make me look like I have my life together. 

I confess that I am looking forward to this weekend not because of fireworks, food, or anything particularly holiday related....but instead I am looking forward to the EPIC Harry Potter Marathon that my brother, our friend K, and I are going to have. All 8 films, lots of gaming, loads of baking...I mean really what more could you ask for? 

I confess that even though I'm going to miss him, I am really glad that my husband is going away for the weekend. He needs the break and I know he is going to come back super relaxed and happy from his float trip. Also I am happy because he is getting to do something that I am just not into. Camping? River water? Outdoors in the July heat? Um....NO.

I confess that last week I spent like....8 hours working on the blog. Can you tell? Probably not. The changes were super small but significant (on my end) but one thing just wouldn't work for me and I am still a little ragey over it. Okay I am still a lot ragey over it. Why won't you WORK?! 

That's it for my confessions, be sure to join the linkup and see you all back here tomorrow!
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  1. Truer words have never been spoken about pajamas. When you look pulled together even wearing pajamas, you can tell your life is super on track (or you can pretend that's true). My pajamas are another story.

  2. I feel you about being ragey with blog updates! For some reason blogger didn't want me to put share buttons on my posts (something they recommend for the April A-Z Challenge) and the struggle was real. 3 weeks after the Challenge was done, I finally got those darn things up!

  3. I'm digging the wider reading space. I greatly dislike where there is wasted space on webpages. It's just a me thing. I know it, but still. ALL THE SPACE COULD BE FILLED WITH STUFF AND THINGS!!!
    I live by a schedule. When something isn't on schedule, I'm off and I forget things and it's just bad. I've also observed that kids (and dogs) on a schedule tend to function better. Scheduling seems boring.. until I accomplish everything I need to with expediency and then it's just awesome.
    I'm jealous of your HP marathon. Butttt I am moving, so that is almost equally as awesome (because I'm totally going to count it as working out... :D

  4. Oooooh an HP marathon?! That sounds like a great way to spend a long weekend! And you had me LOL on the sprinkles thing - it's the kind of thing I would do! Happy early 4th!

  5. I love getting new PJs. I recently bought new ones too for our vacation.


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