Weekending 7/27

Good Morning Everyone, 

Here's the weekend recap: 


We had my Grandfather's memorial service at the burial site and buried his ashes. My Grandmother wrote a few words and I read a poem. It was actually really nice and I think it helped my Grandmother a lot. They had been together since they were teenagers and I know she misses him more than anyone could imagine. We all miss him. 
After the service we headed home in order to celebrate my husband Bobby's birthday. Before those festivities started however he opened his card from my Grandmother and she had given him a couple scratcher tickets. He won on both! Not a huge amount but more than he had ever won before! He was pretty excited. Then his Dad, Stepmom, and Brother came over to have a barbeque and visit. It was a lot of fun and super simple which is the way that Bobby prefers things. Some tasty treats were had as well! 


Up early to have a birthday breakfast with Bobby's Mom, Stepdad, Brother, Brother's girlfriend, and a Friend at IHOP.Yummy pancakes were had! 

After breakfast we wandered around a bit at the Tabletop store so that Bobby could browse around for a bit. It's fun just seeing what new games there are to try and taking nerdy talk with other people. 

Then we headed over to my parents' house where they had offered to watch Kyra so that we could go see a movie for more birthday fun! We decided on Ant Man and though I was doubtful about it from the trailers (it just looked cheesy and ridiculous) it was actually really good! Paul Rudd was hilarious but totally pulled off the superhero vibe. It was funny and action packed and honestly one of the better Marvel movies. Two thumbs up! 

Then it was time to pick Kyra up and head home. The evening was spent staying out of the heat, playing with Kyra, and in general being blissfully lazy. 

So there's my weekend, hope you had an good one as well! Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. Glad the memorial helped your grandmother. Sometimes we need closure! Hope you have a great week friend!

  2. I'm glad to see Ant Man isn't ridiculous. I saw the preview and wasn't overly interested.


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