Confessions 7/29

Good Morning Everyone, 

Time for Confession....

I confess that today is going to be a rough one since the power went out around 2am last night and of course woke me up with the noise of the storm outside and the combined quiet of the house without the fan going. I've been up since then and unfortunately once I am up I am up. In fact Kyra is actually napping right now which is totally out of character and definitely a result of a restless night. 

I confess that last night (before power outage) I was super frustrated since Pinterest was down. This just confirms my Pinterest addiction. But I was super bummed because Kyra went to bed early and Bobby was still off gaming and I had time to myself. That's just the way it always is isn't it? 

I confess that I thought about painting my nails last night since there was no Pinterest to distract me but when faced with so many options and no real direction I gave up. Instead I put a clear coat on in hopes that today I will be more decisive.  

I confess that while I love Instagram I am exhausted by the staged photos. How do you have time to stage everything to look so perfect?  Seriously...where do you find THAT MUCH WHITE BACKGROUND?

I confess I am a camera dunce. Seriously I have this really nice camera of my brother's and instead of using it I use my phone because I don't even know how to get the stupid screen to show what I want to look at instead of looking through the viewfinder. I have no idea what any of the settings are either. Also side note...I have a nice little camera of my own that I wanted to vlog with...but I have no idea where the charger is....
I confess I have spent the better part of this month feeling restless. You know that saying "Jack of all trades but master of none" ? That is what I feel like. I'm okay at lots of things but not really good at anything specific. I want to be good at something so I can finally focus and settle to it. How can you excel at something when you flit around from one thing to another? I need focus. 

Yeah so this is a mish mash brain dump of a post but really what do you expect when I've already been up for hours and caffeine is the only thing keeping me going? I wish I were the kind of person that naps but I'll be up until midnight, tired and probably cranky. 

Happy Humpday Everyone.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. That 'jack of all trades master of none' is so me. I'll often find myself wishing there was one thing I was really good at or even just really passionate about. This blogger I follow does a series where she features another blogger called "Why I love ___." They've done yoga, running, hiking, even hosting parties... I feel like if someone asked me to do a post like that I wouldn't be able to come up with something, and that bothers me.

  2. Oh man, good thing I was busy last night because I would have been really upset that Pinterest was down too! And I feel you on the lack of sleep, I don't think I'll ever get caught up!

  3. I napped this past weekend and it was weird and awesome.

    I frequently forget about Pinterest but really enjoy it when I get time to settle down into it.

    I like feeling restless because it usually indicates movement or change is coming.

  4. This is why I only follow greyhound accts on Instagram. Cute dogs don't need backgrounds. And if they post other stuff or cats, ELIMINATED. I will not stand for such shenanigans, I'm here for your needle nose dog, dammit!

  5. The staged photos. Don't get me started on the staged photos. Really. Because I don't want to be overly critical or negative (but I hate the staged photos). go find you on pinterest :)

  6. I thought Pinterest was down for only me?? haha. The white background comment - I literally commented that on another post about overly staged photos. I can't even begin to start to rant about that!


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