Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Favorites

It's the last day of September! Tomorrow is October!!!!!!!!

So since it is the last day of September and it is Friday I'm going to do my favorites from the entire month. 

This takes of water proof mascara and liner in seconds. Super gentle on the face and works like a charm every time. This is my second bottle of this.

This is THE BEST exfoliating scrub I have used in forever. It smells so wonderful for one and it feels amazing and I can tell the difference in my face instantly. Awesome gem in my Ipsy bag this month.

I got this sample of this toner in my Ipsy bag and I am really enjoying it. I have noticed a big change in the texture and tone of my skin. Will most likely be purchasing a full size very soon.

I got my very first pair of Converse and I adore them. I love the color and I predict I will wear these literally every day for the next few months.

New Dishwasher. Seriously I danced around when I hit the button to wash the first set of dishes. Being a grown up is so depressing that this is one of the most exciting things of the year so far....

My Mom found these amazing Winnie The Pooh plates at the thrift store! There is a whole set of them and each plate and bowl has a different image on it! I LOVE them!
I am so happy with my new Bullet Journal weekly layout. It is still fairly simple but gives me structure to track and organize which makes my little heart happy. Also it keeps it to two pages so that I can actually journal on the next pages!

Awesome nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics! I am so excited about these since I love Critical Role! 

We made a trip to the game store yesterday and a massive mini haul happened. Not for me but for my brother but it was super fun to open all the mini's in the blind boxes!

Renaissance Festival started in September! We've already been once and I know that we are going to go again in October...and possibly again this weekend!

What were your favorites for the month? Are you ready for October??

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Some Confessions

1. I woke up yesterday and it was 54 degrees. I AM SO HAPPY. GIVE ME THE COLD. 

Image result for bring on the cold gif

2. I am behind on blogs again. I have no idea how this happens so quickly but man the time flies by and suddenly I am like 100 blogs behind. #guesswhatIwillbedoingthisweekend

Image result for answering emails gif

3. My parents bought me a dishwasher. Seriously. Mine hasn't worked at the rental we live at for nearly two years and my landlord gives no fucks whatsoever. So as a present to me they bought it and installed it yesterday and I am SO HAPPY. #nomorehandwashing
Image result for happy dance gif

4. I keep seeing all these posts on 17 things to do before 2017 and I thought I would join in but honestly....I cannot think of 17 things! Now the things that I have on my list are big things to me and they will take up huge chunks of time so that might be why I can't think of 17 things. 
Image result for shrug gif

5. I love Snapchat but if your whole snap is done in the Bee or Deer filter I am going to skip it. Seriously I cannot stand the voice changer. 
Image result for shush gif

6. I received a new makeup palette for review but it is so pretty that I don't want to mess it up! I need to get on the ball and do a makeup look with it though because it is just so lovely that I am missing out by being hung up on my perfectionist nonsense. 
Image result for eyescream palette dose of colors

7. I may have threatened my computer with several death threats while trying to upload some songs to my phone. It was moving so slow and it is just miserable to wait twenty minutes for four songs to download. 
Image result for computer throwing gif

8. I ran into an old friend from High School the other day and she just ran up and gave me the biggest hug. It just warmed my heart and made my whole day so much better. 
Image result for puppy hugs gif

9 During a cleaning spree I found a bunch of scratch off tickets that were winners. I cashed those babies in! Hello $18! 
Image result for money gif

10. I lost my favorite hair clip and now I am completely out of sorts. Does this happen to anyone else? Seriously I am so thrown off by it! 
 Image result for What do I do now gif

Happy Humpday Everyone. 
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Favorite Podcasts

I love listening to the radio. Seriously music fills my soul up, but sometimes I want something more and in those times I turn to podcasts. I thought today I would share with you my favorite podcasts for when I'm in the mood for more than music.

1. Welcome to Nightvale- Nightvale is a fictional town and the show is hosted by the lovely radio host Cecil. This podcast is strange, hilarious, and oddly thought provoking at times. If you are up for the super weird this is right up your alley! Don't go into the Dog Park.
Image result for welcome to night vale

2. Mortified- I found this podcast after having watched the documentary on Netflix. Basically people read from their real life diaries from when they were younger. This are wonderfully funny, heartbreaking, and completely mortifying. If you ever kept a diary (and as you are all pretty much bloggers I am sure you have) then you will love this podcast. I adore getting to hear people's stories and experiences from all walks of life. For sure check this one out!

Image result for get mortified

3. Drabblecast- Another creepy weird one! Stories submitted by listeners read aloud by amazing voice talents. The stories are of the SciFi nature for the most part so if that isn't your deal you might give this one a pass. However if you are ready to embrace some truly odd and amazing creative work then you should give this a listen.

Image result for drabblecast

4. The Armchair Librarians- Hosted by two of the most awesome bloggers I know, Steph and Jana. These two are always wonderful to listen to and this is THE podcast I go to when I want to hear about certain books. This podcast is laugh out loud good and I love listening to Steph and Jana talk about books with direct and clear opinions. They are completely honest and real. Out of all of these you should definitely check this one out if you are a book nerd! 

What are your favorite podcasts? Send me some so I can listen to more! 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Five: Random Mix

1. First off this has been going around on Instagram and Facebook all week and I kinda love it, the #3fictionalcharacters. I have seen some really funny ones and some that are so on point. Well I thought long and hard about it and these are the 3 fictional characters that I think describe me. 
Top Left: Sally Owens-Practical Magic   
Top Right: Morticia Addams-Addams Family
Bottom: Belle- Beauty and the Beast

2. I don't really get super personal on the blog. Honestly I don't get super personal in person with how I am feeling....especially if I am not feeling all that awesome. Well here lately I have been kind of in a bad place. I am anxious a lot and stressed. It's been a really hard year this year and I am just trying to keep up while hoping for the best outcome possible. I feel like I am down the rabbit hole but I am making some changes and I hope that soon there will be a little light. 

3. It's "officially" fall but the weather here doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. The mornings are starting to cool off though so that is something. 

4.I have been working on blog posts lately but it is taking forever to take and edit pictures. I do have some cool stuff planned for both this blog and for Geekish coming soon.

5. I have started some other projects as well one of which includes a costume for RenFest! I am so excited because my friend Amanda is coming in and she is dressing up as well! I can't wait to get it finished and share the end result with you all!
Super Blurry Sneak Peek!

That's it for me this week, Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup...."

 Image result for you cannot pour from an empty cup

This morning I ran across two posts that struck a cord with me. 

Contradictions of Motherhood

 Why Mothers Stay Up Late

There are pretty accurate representations of my life right now. 

This mom gets it. 

I have been feeling so "touched out" and tired. 

I have been checked out mentally because I just can't seem to wrap my head around just who I am anymore. 

I know that I am Kyra's Mama and I love that. 

I know that I am Robert's wife and I love that too. 

I'm also a daughter and a sister. 

But there is still me in here somewhere and I am working to find her again. 

I need to remember that that Mom Guilt is just something I need to ignore. I'm human and I am allowed to be. 
Some days I forget that. 

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Monday, September 19, 2016

In Which Games, Beauty stuff, and fun happened.

Friday: My husband took off for the weekend the day before leaving me to single parent again for the weekend. No big deal, he does this trip yearly but I am beginning to feel like maybe I need a trip now? Seriously I think he could handle a weekend with his daughter on his own. (Longest time without me: 1.5 hrs)  Mama needs some downtime.
Anyhow my youngest brother came over and hung out with Kyra and I and a lot of time was spent chasing Kyra and watching Critical Role.

There was also a wildlife siting. 

Also I took the opportunity to take care of beauty stuff because 1. I enjoy it and 2. My pores needed it.

Then I spent a huge chunk of the evening getting caught up on blog reading and working on this week planner setup. Yep I know how to party. 

Saturday: Pretty much a chill day. My brother and I hung out some more, watched a ton of movies and basically were slugs all day. It was glorious. There is no photographic evidence of the sluggery.

Sunday: My brother wanted to go to the Tabletop store so Kyra and I tagged along.
After that we stopped by the mall and wandered for a while. It was SO MUCH FUN. We don't have an indoor mall close to us anymore (this one is about 45 minutes away) and I miss them so much. Outdoor "shopping centers" are pointless here in Missouri because it is either so hot you melt into the pavement or it is so cold you don't leave the one store you go to. Stupid. Anyhow this was awesome fun and we got to walk around for a good long while and let Kyra play at the play place which made her super happy. Also I got a Milk Tea which made my day. 

After goofing around at the mall we headed home and my other brother came over and Robert came home from his trip away and we all had a game night. It was great fun and we drug it out until 1am before I finally threw in the towel and headed to bed. 

All in all it was great weekend! 

How was yours? 

Happy Monday Everyone.
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites 9/16

In the mood for some more favorites this week so here we go! 

Local Awesome Favorite: 
 Food for Fines

So being a library junkie like myself it is pretty much a given that eventually I will forget a book and end up with a fine. Well the local (to Kansas City) library chain is currently running a promotion called Food for Fines! Bring in non perishable items to donate to the community and get money off your fines! I owed 3 dollars and took in three cans and now my fines are gone and I donated to a good cause! Super awesome idea and I urge you to check it out if you are in the area or see if your library offers a similar promotion!

Love this...looks easy:
Admittedly this looks like more trouble than I would go to...but it is super pretty!
Awesome makeup brush kit by Unicorn:
Unicorn Brushes...I need these in my life.

I really love any jewelry that involves moon and stars. This is so pretty.
Rachel Khoo knows all about living and cooking in a small Parisian apartment check this article out about her "Kitchen Style".:
I adore Rachel Khoo's food and her style is just awesome. This polka dot dress with red belt needs to be in my closet!

Nerdy Girl: 
Capacity:+401mL+(including)+-500mL+(inclusive) Material:+Ceramic…:
I cannot express my need for these.
Okay shameless self promo time but I started a geek blog. If you are into that sort of thing I'd love it if you would check it out.

Actually, science has yet to devise a way to WIN an argument with a 3-year-old.:
This is my life. Everyday.

Song of the Week: Castle by Halsey. This was on The Huntsman and I've been singing it since I watched the movie last week.

That's it for me this week, Have a great weekend Everyone!
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Peter Thomas Roth Review

I love face masks. 

Seriously I LOVE them. They are a little luxury that I allow myself. 

I picked up this three pack of Peter Thomas Roth masks at Sephora after I saw a review about the 24K mask. I picked up the three pack because it was cheaper than a full size and it let me try two other masks just to see what I liked. (Side note- I found these by the register in that oh so hard to resist impulse buy section!)

I had never tried a Peter Thomas Roth mask before so I was super eager to give these a shot.I have been using them for about two months now so I have given my skin enough time to really test the masks out. 

1. The 24K gold mask- This was the mask that I was most excited about. I had seen lots of SnapChat pictures of this one and I just really wanted to give it a go and see if it worked for me. Unfortunately I wasn't super thrilled with it in the end. I didn't break me out or anything it just didn't really seem to do all that much. It might be because it is a lifting and firming mask and that isn't really an issue that I struggle with. It did feel good on the skin and it was hilarious for pictures as I look like Jim when he played Golden Face on the Office. 
 Image result for jim as golden face

All in all I am glad that I got the small size of this one to try it out. Probably won't be repurchasing. 

2. Irish Moor Mud Mask- I liked this mask. It did a good job of removing dirt and impurities from my face. Most especially it worked on my nose which is a problem area for me. It worked pretty much like your typical mud mask but it never got completely dry. This would be ideal for someone with sensitive skin that can't use traditional clay masks because they are too harsh. I liked this mask but I feel like it was comparable to other cheaper options and since I don't have sensitive skin it isn't a necessity. 

3. Cucumber Gel Mask- Initially when I got the set of three this was the mask that I was the least excited about. I just didn't think it was going to be anything special. I was SO WRONG. I LOVE this mask! It is cooling and refreshing and makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft after use! It reminds me of the Sheet Face Masks that I really enjoy but without having to put the slightly scary sheet mask on your face. I love leaving this one on and watching an episode of something and really letting it work into my skin. I will most definitely be repurchasing this one! 

Have you tried these masks? What did you think? Are there any other Peter Thomas Roth masks that I should try next? Let me know!
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