Weekend Recap: Fall is Coming!

Saturday: We decided to get out of the house for a bit and headed up north to check out the "McDonald's of the Future". It was pretty nice all in all. The touch screen order system was cool but the Mom in me kept thinking about germs....and while they are currently offering unlimited fries we did not partake in that. Kyra really enjoyed the play place, which was pretty cool. 
She is so cute. Seriously.

After that we stopped by T.J. Maxx to do some searching. I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find a pretty awesome Headless Horseman to add to my Halloween decor! 
He is pretty awesome.

Then we stopped by Michael's and got my favorite purchase of the weekend. 
This is Thaddeus. I Adore him.

He is huge. Kyra LOVES him, but insists his name is Toad.

Then it was time to do some thrift shopping and that meant more Halloween fun and goofing around. 
She was so excited to take this picture.

Epic Halloween Thrift Store finds!

After playing around we finally hit up the grocery store for necessities and then headed home. Honestly by the time we made it home we only had the energy to make some sandwiches for dinner and then it was bath time bed time! 

Sunday: Kyra and I woke up extra early for some reason and we spent the morning playing Peppa Pig and Little Charmers. Then Robert took over for playtime and I did I few chores. I knew we were going to my parents' for the afternoon so I wanted to make sure the house was at least decent before we left. 

Sunday dinner at my parents' is always fun. Also my mom and I are of the same mind. BRING ON FALL. 

I swear she is like Martha Stewart of the Midwest. Everything is so nicely decorated and of course the dinner table looked lovely. 

We stayed and visited for a long while and then headed home. I wasn't feeling super awesome at this point so we decided to just watch movies and relax. We ended up watching Heart of the Sea which was surprisingly really interesting. I had thought it might be a bit boring but honestly I was completely into the story. Also...Chris Hemsworth. YUM. 
Image result for Chris Hemsworth Heart of the Sea

That was our weekend! What did you all get up to? Anyone else over eager for Fall???


  1. fall deco already?? i'm still trying to get as much of summer as possible before it goes away. And totally agree about Chris...YUM.

  2. mcdonalds of the future?! i want unlimited fries! i don't want to touch screen order though, i like ordering with people. i hate even going through the drive through and speaking through a speaker. hate it. how cool is that headless horseman thingy? love it!
    i haven't seen that movie but i am not opposed to watching chris hemsworth in anything. hahaha.

  3. I've never even heard of Heart of the Sea, but helllooooo Chris Hemsworth!
    I LOVE that Headless Horseman.
    Yes, Kyra is adorable :)

  4. You guys really do have the fall going on!


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