Currently.....August 2016

Reading.....Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling.Okay true life confession...I haven't actually gone to pick this up yet but I am planning to today and since I finished my other book yesterday I am just putting this one down as the currently reading...don't judge me for being so late I'm still a die hard HP fan! 

Watching.....The Office.....again.... on Netflix.This show is just one of my natural go to shows to watch when I can't find something new to binge watch. I can't help it...I love Jim.

Loving.....All the awesomeness that was in my Loot Crate Fangirl box. Seriously I cannot wait to wear the dress to Comic Con next week! 

Wanting.... This mask set. I love face masks and I haven't tried any of the Peter Thomas Roth ones. I've heard good things about this set of different ones and I just really want to try them! 

Excited.....for Kansas City Comic Con next weekend!

So what are you up to Currently?  

Don't forget the linkup today! 

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  1. i am a pretty big HP fan, I guess lol but i still haven't picked that book up! i'm not sure how i feel about it yet haha. so no judgement here. comic con, how exciting!!!

  2. i was just watching the first few episodes of The Office!! loved that show.

  3. I have never gotten into Harry Potter... but from my facebook feed I saw so many people were disappointed in the last book.


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