Five on Friday Aug 5

1. Kyra calls Doritos "Fire Chips". I think there should be a petition to change the name permanently. 
I Give you FIRE CHIPS!!!

2. This picture is like....pure happiness. Also one of my most popular ever on Instagram. 

3. Speaking of Instagram....why did they add stories? I mean...that is what Snap Chat is for. Also I follow a lot of people on Instagram that I don't follow on Snap....I am not sure I am ready for this level of intimacy. 

4.  Suicide Squad comes out this weekend. SO EXCITE.

5. I found this guy via a group on FaceBook. He's now my favorite to rock out to for my cardio workouts. He is HILARIOUS. 

That wraps up this week. Have a great weekend Everyone! 


  1. hahahaha fire chips, that is awesome! i second changing the name.
    i follow some people who aren't on snapchat, so if they post on instagram stories, i will watch, but i also follow a few people that i don't want to see their stories so... i feel you on that level of intimacy thing lol

  2. is that what that stupid thing on top of my IG feed is? the one that i never click and it's annoying me because it suddenly appeared out of nowhere??


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