If were were having coffee....

The soundtrack music would most likely be Peppa Pig, Peep's Big Wide World, Little Charmers, or Fall Out Boy if Kyra is watching Big Hero Six. 

The Coffee is made by the cup via Keurig. I usually just make Folgers via the Eco Cup but I do have some pumpkin spice that I have been hoarding if you are interested. 

I have a million awesome mugs to choose from. 

I only have vanilla creamer but I do usually have milk and sugar. 

Baked goods are always an option. I will have to whip some up but if I know what you like I promise it is no trouble. 

We could talk current events but I'm more inclined to talk about the awesomeness of Netflix Original Series Stranger Things. 

I will apologize approximately 10 times for the state of my house. It's clean but I have a three year old who has MANY toys. Also I have three dogs. Also I cut myself no slack. 

I will be happy to discuss the merits of skin care and makeup. These are two items I can talk about at great length. 

I will probably forget to offer you seconds on everything but just know you can help yourself. It makes me so happy when someone enjoys something I made enough to want more. 

I would tell you that I've missed Blogging. I've missed writing. I've missed that awesome feeling when you hit "Publish". 

I would tell you that no matter what problem you are dealing with I'm here to listen. I won't offer advise since that isn't really my thing...but I will be there to listen. 

I would tell you that I'm so glad you stop by this little space for some portion of your day. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there...and it means the world that you stopped by mine. 

Finally I would tell you that we should make this a regular thing. That it does everyone good to simply sit and enjoy a cup of coffee...


  1. mmm baked goods haha. i would definitely appreciate a chat about skin care, i am going to really try and get myself into some sort of routine, as of right now my routine is like nothing. i need to start taking better care of my skin! and yes to stranger things, we watched the whole season in one day!


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