Thursday Thoughts 8/11

1. I had an awesome confessions post for yesterday but then I couldn't find the picture I needed and thus never got it finished and in a fit of childish tantrum just decided to wait until next week since the post wasn't "perfect". Sometimes I am a brat.

2. I have been behind on emails and blogs all week and am spending the morning trying to get caught up on all of them. There were 50 linkups in the book linkup this week and I'm trying to work through them all. Still 50! How cool is that?? 

3. The changing of Doritos to "Fire Chips" is in full swing. Kyra keeps calling them that whenever we see them in stores and now other children are picking up on the trend. Someday I will see #Firechips on Twitter and will know that my kiddo started it. 

4. My insomnia has been at an all time high this week. I haven't gotten to sleep before 4 am any time this week and Kyra is bright eyed and ready to go by 7am. I'm tired but yet sleep is still not forthcoming. 

5. I have walked around my downtown area more this past month than I have ever in my life. Yes I've been playing Pokemon while walking but it has really been fun to see my little town change...even just over a few weeks. Apparently we have a Free Little Library here! Basically you take a book and leave a book. It's all honor system based and just really awesome!

Image result for little library weston mo

Short and sweet thoughts today since I'm tired and also trying to get through all my emails and blog posts. Happy Thursday Everyone.


  1. Oh gosh lately insomnia has been getting to me as well! Ugh its the worst.

    PS loving the new blog design. :)

  2. how cool is that free little library? i have seen them before but never in real life lol. i'd love to find one! sorry sleep has been hard, hope it gets easier soon.. i hate being tired. next time i buy doritos to make my nachos, i will tweet a picture with #firechips haha

  3. I actually painted one of those bird house libraries on the last booze cruise we did. They volunteer group was set up at the last brewery and I wasn't drinking anyways, so I set about painting. It was awesome.

  4. Fire chips! I like it.

    I still have a few SUYB posts to get through.

  5. insomnia sucks!! i suffered from it for years. hope it turns around soon.


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