Creature Comforts

I saw this post last week on Steph's blog and I thought it was just really fun and I love reading about the things that people enjoy just because they enjoy them. Self care is so important and I see nothing wrong with being just a little selfish and just plain liking STUFF! 

Here's a few of my little comforts....

Makeup- yes you all saw this one coming but seriously makeup makes me happy. I love watching people apply it, I love applying it, I love the colors and the way you can completely just change your look. Makeup is my thing. 

Nail polish (no matter how many shades I have)

Geeky/Nerdy stuff- I fully embrace my geek/nerd status. I love ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. 

Journals- Whenever I see a new one I just can't help myself. 

Thrifted books- I love the thrill of collecting series via the thrift store. It just makes my heart happy to pick up books for super cheap! 

Super Fancy Bellami Curling Wand- Robert actually bought this for me for Christmas one year and honestly I LOVE it. It works so well on my hair and I love all the different attachments for different styles. 

Also Love my Chi Flat Iron

Cute Shoes

Movies- whether it is going to the theater, streaming, or just buying DVDs...movies are our thing. 

Trips to Comic Con and Renaissance Festivals- I live for these trips. I love dressing up, I love the people and their enthusiasm. I just feel like I am with MY people when I attend these events! 
I am still super proud of my fairy house!

So what are your creature comforts? 


  1. i love stuff, no shame! i can't think of what mine would be right now, but basically books, blankets, shopping.. lol. thrifted books are the best!

  2. So important to have a tribe, and bonus if you have events where you feel like you're surrounded!

  3. books, planner stuff, coffee, techy stuff!

  4. Stationary, books, coffee, nail polish and wine. Non negotiables haha

  5. Great list! YES to make-up and nail polish and second hand books for me too. I'd also add hoodies and cozy blankets.


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