Weekend 8/20-8/21

Saturday: We decided to take Kyra to the movies and have a little family fun time. We saw Kubo and the Two Strings and it was really enjoyable. I love that they showed some of the animation process at the end of the film. So much work goes into stop animation but it was really beautiful to watch and the story was good. 

After the movie we headed home and Robert's brother came over. We were planning on gaming for a bit but my father in law called and some friends of the family had come into town so we all headed downtown to enjoy the unusually nice weather. We had a really nice visit and even got some of my favorite Lavender Lemonade. 

Sunday: We were up and out early the the store to get some necessary items i.e. Milk, Bread, Dog Food and we wanted to beat all the Sunday crowds. We stopped by the Dollar Tree to get a few things and I couldn't resist the Halloween aisles. It is no secret that I love Halloween and I love a good deal so decor for a dollar is a double score! 

After the Dollar Tree it was the dreaded Walmart run but I am happy to say that we were in and out in just a few moments. Thank goodness too because when we were checking out the crowd was starting to get thick and I could feel the collective stress. 

Don't mind the grumpy face. She was really having a blast she just didn't want her picture taken.

After shopping we headed out to my parents' place to just relax and visit for the afternoon. Kyra could not have been happier. It had been a couple days since we had seen them and she was in desperate need for grandparent time. They actually kept her for the evening when Robert and I headed home so that we could take care of chores and walk the pups. So we got an evening to ourselves which we mostly spent getting the house back in order and reading books but it was still nice. 

Then Mum brought Kyra home and it was time for bed! 

All in all it was a pretty standard weekend. How was yours? Did anyone else see Kubo? What did you think of it?


  1. Family time and getting a lot done is the best of both worlds!

  2. I adore the bat socks!
    Liam mentioned that movie this weekend, and I hadn't heard of it. Will an 8 year old boy enjoy it too (in your opinion)?

  3. if ever i'm in the dollar store, i HAVE to peruse the craft aisle...HAVE TO. i've found so many great things and i love the price (obviously!!) :)

  4. those socks are the cutest! in and out is the only way to do walmart lol


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