I Firmly Believe That......

Good Morning Everyone!

Today as I was reading through my Blog Feed I came across this lovely post Chelsea at  The Girl Who Loved To Write . It was so heartwarming and just really sounded like a lot of fun to write! So I went ahead and borrowed the idea for today's post! Here Goes!

I Firmly Believe that.....

Listening is more important than being heard. 

A Good Book can change your life. 

the most important moments are small ones, day to day. 

the best advice comes from children's stories and fairy tales. 

a little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference- Eeyore. 

a Disney or Harry Potter Marathon can make it all better. 

a smile can change anyone's day. 

a dog's love is the sort of love we should all aspire to...unconditional and eternal. 

no morning is complete without coffee...or tea. 

some days are meant to be frittered away on good books, netflix binges, or simply doing nothing. 

Originality is not something to strive for, Authenticity is. 

Amor Vicit Omnia- Love Conquers all. 

Hope Everyone is having a great day! Tomorrow is Friday and I will have my April Favorites Video posted! Friday Favorites! 

Big hugs!


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