Friday Favorite Time!

Good Morning Everyone!

I am so sore as I type this because yesterday we did some serious cleaning around my house. I mean like DEEP cleaning. However now I look around this place and am just so damn proud. It's so neat I don't wanna touch anything! Thanks Mum aka Martha Stewart!

Okay now back to business, Friday Favorites!


Two of my BESTEST friends in the world are coming to visit this weekend! They will be here tonight and I am so excited that it is hard to sit still! I haven't seen them since before Kyra was born and that was nearly a year ago! Much Excite! Yes there will be drinking involved and that just makes me feel.....


I finished Eleanor and Park Wednesday night. OMG. If you are looking for an amazing read for this summer please read this book. It is just beautiful and hilarious and will get you right in the feels for you first love....seriously check it out.


Loving this Zumba channel. I have been feeling the need for some newer Zumba songs than the ones that have been at my class lately and this channel is so much fun and has some great songs!


I want these pants.....I must learn to make these pants.....
wrap trousers, We called these "Stupid Pants" in college because they were stupid/easy to make.


Also need this workout shirt.....


 This cat.....


My favorite Hot guy of the week? Misha....oh Misha....


Okay that's all for me! I've still got a few things to do and Kyra has managed to smash banana all over herself so that is my cue!

Big hugs and have a great weekend! 

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  1. yay for friends visiting! that cat, i die.
    misha... mmm.
    and i want that tank. burpees, no.

  2. I'm totally with you on loving Eleanor & Park- such a good read!

  3. aww boo the hot guy didnt show up on my end.
    I love those workout tanks im obsessed with them!

  4. is that book really good? because i started it and i was like, meh...and then i put it down. maybe i'll restart that again

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Burpees are always my least favorite but they hurt so good! I will add that one to my Summer Read list! Thanks so much for linking up girl!

  6. Ill check out the book... and that cat is just too cute!!!

  7. I have that book on my To Read list.


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