Wednesday Confessions

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Wednesday!

Vodka and Soda
Okay so this is my first post of the week because blogger and I have not been in sync at all. I mean I could not get it loaded for two days for some reason. Anyhow so no Monday or Tuesday post but it must like the Wednesday Confessions because here we are! Let's jump in....

....I did a Selfie Sunday this post Sunday. I was still riding the high from my brother's graduation and the fact that I felt really pretty. So the next day I got dolled up again and took a Selfie....and actually posted it! Here's the pics from Graduation and from Sunday....just because.

....I skipped Zumba last night and did an hour on the Elliptical instead. MY CALVES ARE DYING. Still I needed to mix things up because lately we've been doing the same songs and I know all the moves to those and thus get a little bored. Time to change things up!

....I had to put myself to bed last night because I was getting really cranky with my husband. I was thinking about how happy I was on the drive back home but when I got home and he started talking to me....well I just started to get really irritated, so I was sent to bed....

....the thought of Kyra's first birthday makes me alternatively sad and then psycho. One moment I cannot believe that she is already almost a year old and the other half is in a panic over what we are going to do. Husband wants everyone to go to the zoo and take her for her first zoo trip, but also wants a can I pull BOTH off???? .....I'm sure I can handle it.....

Short on the confessions this week because my brain is on overload and honestly I'm just relieved that Blogger works this morning!

Happy Wednesday to all! Big Hugs!


  1. oh, they grow SO fast. next month my baby will be 6! i'm like, wasn't she just born last year?!?

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I had my sons second birthday at the zoo... look and see what kind of party packages they offer.

  3. Good job on doing an hour on the elliptical!

  4. Ha! I have to put myself to bed all the time for crankiness!


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