Friday Favorites~ Busy Week!

Good Morning Everyone!

First off no I am not dead or anything. I took an rather unexpected blogging break because this week has been go go go. So many things are going on around here, summer time is in full swing! Today is just as busy so I am going to be quick with my favorites and get going because there is just a lot to do and I will have a proper big post with a recap on Monday Morning!

So here are the weekly favorites!

Meet At The Barre

My dog Luna has returned home from her stay at my parents. I've missed my big girl!

My Summer TV stuff has returned and I cannot wait to have a break and get to log into Hulu to watch! Master Chef anyone? Yes please!!!!

This adorable purse that I will never afford but will lust after anyhow!
 Scalloped Kate Spade.

This super cute owl ring. Dunno why but Owls are my thing right now....
 Owl Ring <3

So going to make these....I live for my coffee....
 Iced Coffee Popsicles -   AFTER DINNER COFFEE, SUMMER STYLE!   The View from Great Island

How cute is this dress for the baby? Seriously, STAAAAHP.
 Ralph Lauren Sleeveless Stripe Sateen Dress (Baby Girls) available at #Nordstrom

I'd love to be this chic.....
 Wear it anyway! @Cyndi Price Price Haynes Green

However this is more likely to be something that I will end up with....because that is who I am. Cosplay for Life!
 Octopus Tentacle Hat - Steampunk Victorian Masquerade Top Hat

These shoes need to make their way into my closet.
 Love them

And finally this....this sums up my life.
oh so true!
Almost forgot my weekly song! Okay so my friend introduced me to this Pandora station. It is "Summer Hits of the 90s" and it is my favorite thing to put on and jam. Takes me back!!!


Okay I am out of here. Lots to do, also it is Garage Sale weekend in my town and I am thinking about loading up the kiddo and heading out to see what steals and deals there are!

Big hugs from here! Have an awesome weekend!


  1. coffee lollies?? yes please. And your dog is too cute :)

  2. I would never be able to walk in those shoes as much as I wish I could!

  3. Loooove Master Chef! And yay for your pup for being home! :) All amazing things!

  4. If I could get paid for pinning I would be a millionaire!

    That purse is to die for gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for linking up!


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