Random Monday

Good Morning Everyone!

Little late posting this morning as I am not moving very fast. Awesome weekends will do that to you!

As most of you know my friends came in this weekend. It was pretty much one of the best weekends ever, very chill and laid back, the best kind. They got to meet Kyra and we got caught up on everything that has happened lately. Then after my parents picked Kyra up to watch her for the evening, We killed two bottles of wine and most of a handle of rum, grilled even though it was colder than normal, and basically revealed that we are the most wrong of human beings while playing Cards Against Humanity. My hubs and I had never played before and well....I don't think I have laughed so hard in my whole life.

All in all it was just an amazing weekend.

Now it is Monday and I'm not exactly miserable about it but I am sad that my friends live so far away and that we don't see each other all the time....however that might be a good thing for my liver....just sayin'.

I really need a day between saturday and sunday #weekend
Speaking of, I am doing a detox for the next couple of days in order to repair the damage to my system. If anyone is interested in know what I am up to let me know and I will do a post on it, right now I'm having enough trouble just getting this post up while the sink of dishes stares at me along with  a pile of laundry. #SundayHangover #Nochoreswhilefriendsareintown

However instead of doing my chores, which I will get done before my husband gets home, I am attempting to answer all the emails in my inbox, apologies for not getting to them sooner, Friday was crazy. Oh and writing this blog as well. Also Hot Mama Mondays will be back next week as I have until OCTOBER to lose some poundage before the group vacation. I HAVE TO GET MY BUTT IN GEAR.

So now that I've probably bored the pants off you....provided you are wearing pants at all. I leave you with some Random Things that happened this weekend. Big Hugs and Enjoy!

1) For no reason at all I was sent a SEVENTEEN magazine. Very Confused as I am not even close to my teen years anymore and also have not read the magazine since I was like 14.

2) The magazine came addressed to me via my maiden name....which I have not used in two years.

3) Also have been getting US Weekly for nearly two months now. Never signed up for that either. Also maiden name.

4) Both have my correct address though. WEIRD.

5) Apparently the 80s are back in style with crop tops, high waist pants, and looking like you just put on everything in your closet at once......Girls DON"T DO THIS. Have you not seen images of the 80s? Do you not see how ridiculous everyone looked????? STOP IT.

6) I swear to you if someone walks by in Stirrup Pants I will burst out laughing. If they are wearing the Stirrups outside their shoes I will die. Not even kidding.

7) Shirts are not belts. NO. Everyone is just going to think you got your Moon sickness. For Real this looks ridiculous.


  1. stir up pants OMG i remember those LMAO!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Also, So weird about the subscriptions. I dont even know whats in seventeen magazine anymore but I wouldnt have minded the US Weekly deliveries. Not one bit!


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