When I grow up....

Good Morning Everyone,

So I was thinking about the evolution of things that I've wanted to do since I was little. Things that I wanted to do when I "grew up" that is. Here are my findings: 

Age 3-10 ~ Horse Trainer

 I've loved horses since forever and I thought that training them would be the best thing in the world. Of course this would have been more practical had I realized from young age that I "Don't do Outside" Still love horses and wish that I rode more. 

Age 11~ Marine Biologist

It was a brief temptation of wanting to be a Marine Biologist and study dolphins and whales at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. I wanted so badly to live in Hawaii and see all the fish and ocean. However once I learned that I would smell eternally like fish that idea quickly went out the window. 

Age 12-Present ~ Writer

One summer I decided I would write a story. I had no idea that I was actually writing a fan fiction since that was not a thing back then but I did and I really enjoyed the whole process. This started the need and love for writing that I have never been able to shake. I still hope to someday publish a book and share my stories with the world but....that still remains to be seen. 

Age 16 and a few times since ~ Librarian

I worked at a library during my high school years and for a few years in college. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I like the quiet and the feeling of being surrounded by all those stories....plus no one cares if you are re reading something for the millionth time, they are book worms, they get it. 

Age 20 something~ Baker

I had a small moment where I thought I could be like Pioneer Woman and make amazing food. Of course my focus was on baking because  I don't like to "cook" per say. Also I was reading a book series the main character was a baker and had her own bakery. I thought that sounded like the most amazing thing, to give people goodies all day and always smell like vanilla and chocolate...just awesome. 

Anyhow now that I am sort of grown up I'm wondering just what it is that I want to do. The desire to write is still there and when I get time I try to scribble down as much as possible but I still haven't found THE story yet...working on it. There are still some possibilities on this list but again....not sure just what I want to do.....is that okay at nearly 30? I think it is...after all....just makes me more interesting! 

What did you all want to be? Are you what you wanted to be since you were little? Are you something completely different? Were you like me bouncing all over the spectrum? Let me know in the comments!

Big hugs from here, Happy Thursday!


  1. I actually became what I said I'd become. My uncle is an attorney in the UK and I always said I wanted to be one too, so I did. I wanted to be a writer as well and Im working on it. Hopefully I finish my book soon! I loved reading all your stages!!!


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